Made a List...Checking it Twice (and obsessively every day)

The Christmas season is here.  I'm already tired...and I love it.  But Christmas season this year has afforded me a lot of opportunities to do list-related things, so in checking my list twice, I'm referring to the 101 List, of course.

I have completed two more tasks since my last update.

#36 - Support CBC's Singing Christmas Tree

As the request of Brother Owen, there was no flash photography at the performance, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was amazing.  I have no idea how those singers weren't terrified and/or claustrophobic at the top of the tree, so MAJOR props to the highest and middle-most ones.  I am checking this off because not only did I support them with my attendance, but I supported them with baked goodies for the cast party (chocolate crinkle cookies), and by bringing Ben to all three performances so he could sing with the children's choir.  I hope to help them tear it down this week. 

Here's my happy "caroler"...

And the evidence of cookies sent for the performers...I can't lie, I held a couple back for me and my sweet-loving Abby, mostly the rejected looking ones.

#80 - Eat Breakfast with Santa

The Perry Chapter of the Kiwanis and Mahala Clubs hosted the annual Pancakes with Santa breakfast this morning, and we attended.  We got there just in time.  They ran out of sausage right after we went through the line.  (Poor Sam didn't get any as he had to wait at the table with the girls.  I tried to share.)  You might not know this, but my carnivorous kids would MUCH rather have attended Sausage with Santa (and it would make for a better "sounding" alliterative event, but I digress).  At any rate, we got a picture...bonus.  And there were no tears, the surprise of the morning!  Were they skeptical?  Yes.  Frightened?  Not so much.

I've also made great progress on several of the other tasks.  Tonight at B&N we purchased three Dr. Seuss books for Christmas presents for the kids (thanks to the buy 2 get 1 free sale).  By this time next week, I will be able to cross off #73 (Host a party at the homestead), as we are hosting our Sunday School Christmas party.  I voted in the mayoral runoff election in December 1st pursuant to #4 (Vote in all city and county elections).  And on #5 (Take the Professional Engineer Exam), I submitted my application last Monday to sit for the PE Exam in April.  I'm already biting my nails over that one.  Perhaps the most exciting recent list-related task is the advent calendar I made.  I think I'm going to do a whole new post devoted to it.  Because THAT'S how excited I am about it.

Until next time...


Hawklady said...

Wow, you are knockin' 'em out left and right! You're gonna finish the list before 1001 days! ;)

oh, I love Sausage with Santa! LMBO

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