A Helpful Life Lesson (from Ben)

This weekend, as is usually the case when the kids get sick, I got sick. Sam was (as usual) an amazing father/nurse/cook/house-cleaner/traffic controller, at one point locking the bedroom door from the inside in order to prevent the Banshees from coming in there with their squealing & running selves.

It wasn't the worst sickness I've ever had. It was a random fever with an associated horrible headache, followed by, what I can only classify as, the-opposite-of-a-fever and the sweats. But, headaches and Banshees don't mix well, even when the headache bore the Banshee in her womb for 9 months.

While I was sitting in quarantine, I could hear commotion out and about in the living room, but not caring much about that and feeling very sorry for myself, I left it up to Sam to tend to it. An hour or so later, I dragged my hiney out of bed to find a completely spotless living room and two well-fed, apparently-tranquilized Banshees sitting on the couch watching their calm-down night time show. I would say they were sitting still, but Abby doesn't have that word in her vocabulary.

Now finally, the point of this...

I went out to the kitchen to thank Sam for a job well done, get something to drink, whatever. And I hear Ben start to cry. And then he said the words at which I shouldn't have laughed,

"Ab-BBBY! You DON'T step on people!!!!"

I can laugh because no one got seriously hurt, right? The numbers alone make it hilarious. Ben is three years Abby's senior, and outweighs her just about exactly 2:1. You might have to know Abby and Ben's dramatically different personalities to get why this is funny. In her almost 3-years, our spunky little spitfire has made a habit out of beating up on her older, much more docile brother. Take a gander (and note, these are just 3 of MANY examples...all before age 2, mind you. She's much stronger now.):

In summary, the moral of this story is: Don't step on people.

Feel free to apply that in life however you see fit.


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