Which fruit reigns supreme?

Apple 2 (13%)
Pear 2 (13%)
Banana 5 (33%)
Orange 2 (13%)
Some kind of berry 4 (26%)

Banana?  Really?  You're wrong.  I'm so not a picky person, but that's one of about 5 things I just cannot bring myself to eat.  (Fun fact, I know.)  The correct answer is Pear.  (Oh, you thought this was a poll?  It was actually a QUIZ.)

Obviously my sample size makes this statistically insignificant.  Will that stop me from immediately posting a new one?  Heck no!  Vote on!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I voted for pear. ;) Bananas suck.

amy said...

I didn't vote, but I would've voted for strawberries, fo-shizzle. Bananas? What? My husband thinks I'm strange, but something about bananas makes the roof of my mouth feel raw.

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