In the words of my famous acapella friend...

Pop Quiz.

Remember this guy?

No? Need a hint?

If you don't know it, you're not old like me. Or you live under a rock. And I'm not going to tell you the answer because the name of his big song has been worn out. Seriously, I think if it's said even one more time the whole world is going to explode.
I was just 5 years old when this song came out on MTV. It was before my parents decided to cancel cable, and I remember vividly the catchy ditty playing on the television. How could you not be captivated by it?
I highly doubt Mr. McFerrin had ANY idea what a revolution he would start (if you can call it that). The premise is simple, and at the same time, simply impossible for some of us.
I'm the absolute last person in the world qualified to dispense "Don't worry" advice to anyone. I wake up worrying. I go to sleep worrying. I worry in the shower. I worry while I'm driving. I worry when I'm about to experience something new. I worry when I'm about to experience something that didn't go great the first time I experienced it. I worry pretty much always. Despite the fact that I know worrying "is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum". And I also know that the "Don't worry" advice comes from a much Greater Source than Bobby McFerrin (even if he is a seemingly cool dude). It's one of those things that is simply easier said than done, certainly for me anyway.
The "Be Happy" part is really what I'd like to concentrate on anyway. I don't struggle with this so much. I'm quite capable of being happy. I have an infinite source of joy. I have lots of reasons to smile. We ALL do. It's not about money, fame, career, material possessions, and so on and so forth. Duh. Some of the happiest people I know seem to outwardly have very little to be happy about.
And then, there are the children. Children don't have the same problems with worrying and trying to be happy. They just don't (unless you're Ben) and they just are (unless you deny them a lollipop when they're tired or something like that). I know as adults we're supposed to be the ones teaching them things, filling their little minds with smartness, and their hearts with virtue and all that stuff, but really, we have so much to learn from them.
In particular: Laughter. About nothing in particular.

See what I mean?

I, Jennie, hereby resolve to laugh about nothing in particular today. I have a feeling this won't be hard for me. (And my apologies to anyone who has to hear it. I know I can be boisterous sometimes.)

Here's to a trying-not-to-worry, but definitely-being-happy Thursday!


amy said...

Who could forget Bobby McFerrin?!? And I actually think that was one of his lesser songs, by the way, but a good resolution nonetheless.

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