Vacationin' (Or some other word that's actually a word.)

I hate to go a whole week without publishing something on here.  It's like some sort of assignment I've given myself.  Maybe I'm the only person who does that kind of thing...  That would not surprise me at all.

Either way, this will be brief because, well, I'm on vacation. 

At the Happiest Place on Earth.

Where Dreams Come True.

And where, apparently, at some point my kids modeled without my knowledge for the safety signs posted on half of the rides around here.  No, no, not the one where they're sitting calmly side-by-side on the seat...the other one.  What not to do.  The flailing limbs half out of the vehicle.  Yes.  That one.  Those are Ben and Abby.  True to size and character.

Our little Tasmanian devil (aka Sarah) is spending the long week with her Grammie & other loving folks from my better half's precious hometown.

More on this later...

In the meantime, I'll sum up with this -

We're having an awesome time.  


Hahahaha - no really, we are (not sure what happened in that particular picture). 

I don't want this to end.  It's been amazing.  And I promise (because I know you're dying to hear the recap) to come back and give you lots of unimportant details about our time at Walt Disney World. 

Another day. 

Until then...

[Slightly sweaty] Disney Greetings from my family to yours.

I'll be off counting fanny packs.  I'm up to 1,294.  Nope, wait!  The blue shirted lady on the right has one...1,295.  Sweet - might hit 1500 by the week's end!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Enjoy!


Debbie said...

Have a wonderful time!! I almost missed that you had posted this.

By the way, guess who I saw on Sunday at church? Need a hint? She's a night owl... and has a little wound on her forehead... and sits like a perfect little angel on her grammie's lap while freaks on the back row gush and goo over her.

BTW, if you go back and look at Laura's birthday blog post, you can count one more DW fanny pack.

When my parents took her, we were supposed to get free ones with our package, but they ran out. Of course, no one needed or wanted it, but Mother INSISTED that Dad keep asking at the desk anyway because it was free.

He would not say "fanny pack". He kept calling them "those belt things".

Thanks for the memory. Hope you are making MANY of your own. (And good call to leave Sarah's adventure for when she can remember and enjoy it.)

Sharon Kirby said...

Looks like you are having the best time!

Yeah, you're right - the safety picture IS your kids! And I eagerly look forward to your unimportant details.

As far as the fanny packs - OK, I admit it. I have one and I use it (because of my bad neck, I can't use a backpack. Bring out the kleenexes...) However, I sling my fanny back over my shoulder - just so I don't conform...just sayin'

Have fun - Sounds like Sarah is doing just great. And sitting in the back row with the freaks (Debbie's word, not mine). Is she a Bobblehead Baptist?


Emily said...

I just had an outburst of laughter reading this post! the fanny pack comment did me in. You're brief post was a great read :) Glad you guys have had a great time!

Dayle said...

Hope you've had a great time, and made a wee bit of time to actually rest. :)

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