'Cuz Moms You're Amazing...Just the Way You Are.

Even your toddler has gotten in on the Mom-Can't-Sing joke when, after hearing you sing your heart out to LeeAnne Rimes' "Blue", she asks from the back seat, "Where's the cow?"  (It might help to explain that for some reason your toddler thinks cows say "Boooo!" not "Moo."  But really, you are just that bad at singing.)

While it's sweet that your four year old dressed her baby sister in a matching outfit to go play, you don't exactly appreciate the white bottoms on a slightly muddy playground.  If ever there were a time for white bottoms on young girls, that would not be it.

You love that your seven year old eats, sleeps, and breathes being outside.  And you especially love the joy on his face when he's doing all those little-boy-things-he's-supposed-to-be-doing like jumping off the swing at max height.

You also love that your carefree four year old would spend all day every day on those same swings.  Your favorite part is how her hair blows all crazy-like in the breeze.  Whoa.

Your four year old has taken to responding to every inquiry with a lackadaisical, "Sure.  That's fine."  No matter how important the answer might be.  For instance, "Abby, do you want to go to Disney World?"  You guessed it..."Sure.  That's fine."  (I hate to know what it might take to actually impress her.)

It occurred to you the other day that your oldest hasn't missed a single day of school this year and you filled with pride at his oh-so-strong immune system.  As soon as those thoughts crossed your brain you expelled them, knowing full well your moment of pride likely just jinxed him with a bout of mono or a freak fever of unknown origin.

You ask your four year old, who is going through an unprecedented helpful phase, to put her baby sister's old milk cup in the sink for you, to which she responds, "Okay.  I know I'm your favorite."  While you're sure you have never said that to any of your kids, at least she's agreeable...and knows she's loved?

When you find your toddler dancing in the kitchen to the timer on the oven, you immediately come up with her new anthem, "The Rhythm is Going to Get You."

Despite all of your attempts to pass on your disdain for cats to your children, it turns out they love them.  Passionately.  Which just goes to show that free will is real, friends.

Your flip video camera provides constant entertainment whenever the kids get their hands on it.  It also provides incriminating video of your kids doing things you  had no idea ever happened.  Like the time your four year old apparently gave Pop Rocks to your toddler and then video taped it.  (Seriously, when did this happen?  Obviously, before Sam cleaned up the living room...)

When your four year old girl sank every. single. shot. on goal at her soccer evaluation and your seven year old boy didn't, you thought it might cause familial strife.  You were wrong.  Phew.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!  

(P.S. - I have a big interview this afternoon for a job that I truly think could be the next big thing.  If you would, please pray that they like me more than the other interviewees.  Just kidding...  Kind of.)


Debbie said...

HAHAHA! Laughing hardest at the cow one.

Whimsy and I are reading this in tandem and giggling together. (BTW, she also told me to tell you that she caught the Princess Bride reference immediately.)

I just saw your other note so I was already preparing to cover your 2PM interview. Don't be nervous. No matter how much your knees are knocking under the table, think "Sure, that's fine" in an Abby voice, and you'll be just fine.

And I hope Sarah is sleeping better!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics!! Love the stories ;-) Good luck at your interview!

Sharon Kirby said...

As always, I am amused.

Loved the video - that girl is a pistol!! She reminds me of my youngest son - he was such a scamp!

Jennie - your very unique and endearing way of looking at your children is such a testament to the joy they bring you, and it speaks so highly of the wonderful mother that you are.

Thank you for sharing these mom moments - it brings back memories!

Can't wait to hear about the interview...


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