A Little Face Lift

Every once in a while Saturday morning rolls around with nary a plan in sight, and Sam and I look at each other and say, "What are we going to do this weekend?" 

Usually the answer is some sort of overzealous home improvement project.

This past weekend was no exception.

We tiled the last remaining room in our home with vinyl floors. 

The Laundry Room.

I'll be brief with words and heavy on pictures.  Because it's late and I really, really need not be up until 1am (again) tonight.

Honestly, the black and white checkered look isn't bad.  I would like it if it matched anything else in our house, and our "theme" weren't neutral browns - plain and simple (read: boring) like me and Sam.

I got really into demolition - something about tearing things apart is so fulfilling to me.

Tiles mortared.  That's the hard part.  No really.  Sam and I are still sore from squatting all day for two days.

Then the fun part - grouting and cleaning.  Hahaha - poor Sam with a sponge.

And....finished.  Woot, woot.  

I also took a picture of the empty dryer top and the lack of clothes hanging on the rack because it is likely that this will be the only time other than the day we moved in that my laundry room will look like this.

I should add here (because I'm proud of being cheap) that this project was funded solely with credit card rewards (you can scold me for using credit cards, if you want).  We also got a tremendous deal because we reused the tile left over from our major bathroom renovation and were able to supplement it with the same tile that just so happened to be 15% off at Lowe's last weekend.  (And they let us use our 10% off Lowe's coupon on top of it.  Woo hoo!)

When we finished, Abby said, "It is soooo beautiful in the laundry room."

Thanks, sweetie.  (Take a picture - it's not going to last.)

Since I was on a roll, I went ahead and gave the blog a face lift too.  I promise to fix the white lettering over on the sidebar, but let me know what else about it you just don't like.  I'll work on it! 

And I will be back very shortly with some Mom Things...  What in the world would you do without those?


Hawklady said...

ooh, love the laundry room and love the blog! You must share with me how you got your header to do that!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, it's a real makeover!! I thought it was specifically about the blog makeover. (Which as I said is fantastic. I was all proud of my little collage, and you come back with a Shep Slide Show. )

I'm completely jealous of the floor. In our garage at this moment are stacks of tiles for the kitchen which I'm positive will never ever make it to the floor.

And I'm impressed with the rewards points. Saving is saving no matter how you do it. We bought ours with gift cards saved for YEARS.

It will take just as many years to get it in...
I love the man with all my heart, but that is the one way that he's different from Super Sam.

And I am NO Jennie.

I'm Lucy.

Sharon Kirby said...

This is considered a "little" face lift?!?! That's like saying that Cher had a little facelift, or Joan Rivers, or Kenny Rogers (have you seen him lately??? He looks like the wax museum version of himself!)

What do you guys do when you want to do a "major" facelift?? Build a little bonus room off the back of the house? What a wonderfully industrious couple you are! We did quite a bit of remodeling a little over a year ago. I'd have to agree - demolition work is very therapeutic. And a lot less expensive than a psychologist.

OK, let me get this straight - you're smart, funny, AND frugal?? No fair...

LOVE the new look - it is beautiful.

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