well it's wednesday again!

Which can only mean one thing...time for some more Mom Things.

It warms your heart to see your older child reading to your younger child at bedtime, especially when he's willingly reading a book of her choosing about Disney princesses.

Then you get a little bit sad about it...because it kind of means they don't need you anymore.

Despite your best efforts not to, you have become one of those moms who actually thinks that people care about the silly things your children say and do 24/7.

Completely by accident, you discover that your three year old eats salad.  And here you thought she only liked chocolate and peanut butter crackers all this time.

After your six year old sings "You look like a monkey...and you smell like one too!" to your almost one-year old, your three year old chimes in with "Three!"  Apparently, she thinks it's a song about counting.

Since that song was over, your three year old began singing an original song about the intricacies of Southern word choice.  Some of the lyrics include, "Grandaddy says 'supper' and Daddy says 'dinnnnneeeerrrr'!  But dinner is the same as suupppppppeerrrr!"

When made into a game, household chores can be a blast.  For example, "Abby, would you please ride your firetruck and deliver these washcloths to the towel cabinet under my sink?!  It's an emergency!"

This is generally what happens when you say, "Hold still and let me take your picture":

You try not to convey to your children that you are deathly afraid of barnyard animals, so, unfortunately for them, petting zoo opportunities are few and far between for your family.

Your six year old tell you he knows what "curls" are because he learned about them in school.  He proceeds to explain that it's when you have more than one of something.  You explain that you think he means "plurals".  And then you realize that sometimes life is just one big game of telephone.


CLewis said...

Love the reading thing...my 3 1/2 year old has been "reading" to our 2 1/2 year old later. All the books that we have read a zillion times he can tell from memory and I often find them in the morning sitting snuggled up on the couch with big brother reading to little brother. So great!

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