Mom Things - Mother's Day Week!

The mom things this week aren't anything extra special, but I just wanted to give my love to the moms who read these and nod their heads in approval, commiseration, or agreement.  You know what it means to be a mom.  It's a special club of which I could never have imagined I'd be so thrilled to be a part.  I wish you all a very special Mother's Day!

For those of you whose moms are no longer with us, I want to give you a special hug.  And I also want to remind those of us whose moms are still with us to remember to give an extra hug and "I love you".  (Lecture over.)

And now on with the show...

The tidal wave whooshing noise you heard coming from the kitchen was the sound of an entire gallon of tea spilling on your freshly mopped kitchen floor courtesy of your one year old, as you stepped out of the room for 20 seconds for that potty break you so infrequently afford yourself.

As a result, you quietly chastise yourself for taking that oh-so-needed restroom break.  You knew you put them off for good reason.

You have an entire wall of handprint, footprint, and fingerprint artwork from years past posted in your office.  Sometimes you glance at it and cannot believe your babies' hands and feet were ever that tiny.  And that is why you don't take them down.

In one night your children will track clayey mud in from the backyard across your newly laundered bathroom rugs, spill a gallon of tea on your freshly mopped kitchen floor, and climb the counter and pull a plate from the bottom of the stack resulting in an avalanche of melamine dishes falling out of your recently organized cabinet.  For your sanity, you know that the only possible ending to a night like this is an early bedtime.  For everyone.

Your four year old's crocs have holes on the top of the toe where they were worn out from doubling as bike brakes for an entire summer.

It's amazing how long kids can be entertained with nothing but a sheet draped over some chairs in the living room.  The drawback is that they never, I repeat never, want to take it down.

You've "caught" your three year old nursing one of her babies.  When she noticed you noticing, she replied, "Babies get bottles at school."

You admit that you need to tone down the road rage when your three year old yells from the back seat, "Get out of the way, people!"

When you volunteer in the classroom your kindergartner jumps out of his seat, runs across the room, and gives you the biggest, proudest "This is my Mommy" hug possible.  You soak it up and smile because you know he won't always be this happy to see you at school.

You had no idea how rewarding it could be to perform any of the following tasks on another person:  cleaning out ear wax, clipping toenails/fingernails, and clearing out booger noses.

Again, I say....

Hope you mothers, and those of you with mothers and mother's in law have the very happiest of Mother's Days!


Aneesa Cappellano said...

I'm totally nodding with agreement once again! Happy Mothers Day to you too Jennie!

Debbie said...

~ You admit that you need to tone down the road rage when your three year old yells from the back seat, "Get out of the way, people!"~

This might be the funniest one ever to me!!

This is EXACTLY how I was taught to stop using the *S* word. (you know, "stupid")to describe every other driver.

Emily said...

Absolutely hysterical! I just love your blog! And I think I'm going to tell my sister about it...my girls are sleeping right now, so I've been quietly belly-laughing reading all of your blogs this week!

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