Mom Things (again)

You're well aware of the phenomenon of the unmatched socks, but upon searching for matches to various flip-flops and sandals in your three year old's closet, you've come to realize that this is also applicable to shoes. 

You liken white pants on toddlers to unicorns.  They're pretty but you don't believe in them.

You've learned to dress your kids in dark clothes when they want to play outside after the rain.  The stains from Georgia red clay do not come out, but if they're wearing dark blue pants it doesn't even matter.

After three kids, you learn how not to be so Type-A.  When your three year old volunteers to help you fold towels, you totally take her up on that (even if they aren't exactly perfect the way you like them).

You've been humiliated by at least one incidence of voluntary public nudity on the part of your child.  For instance, this might mean discovering a pantless, diaperless 18-month old strutting around in the aisle of Sonny's Barbeque.  After getting over the embarrassment, you couldn't help but be a little proud.  You had no idea he could undress himself.

Thanks to your own mother's hoarding skills, your kids now have the privilege of playing with such retro toys as troll dolls, glowworms, and the original Littlest Pet Shop Pets (complete with pieces that could choke you). Interestingly, your kids love them as much or more than you did.  Who knew that in 2010 a troll would be your kids constant companion?

When your six year old tells you he can run a mile faster than you, you tell him to put his running shoes on.  About half a mile into it, he eats crow.  And while you feel a little bit bad about saying, "Booyah!" to a little boy, you think you made an excellent point about the dangers of talking smack.

At the kindergarten luau, your son received a flower lei, a straw hat, and a drink with an umbrella in it.  But because kids are weird, he didn't care about any of that as much as the single plastic gold coin he dug out of a sandbox in the treasure hunt game. 

Your one year old starts grunting with anticipation of food the instant you put her in her highchair.  And here you thought you didn't have any patience.

You realize your little boy is turning into a real, live little boy when he asks to go outside and look for frogs after dinner.  (And actually catches one.)

And as always, Happy Wednesday!!!


Diane said...

Trolls! someone gave us a bride and groom troll doll when we got married (yep, real classy). Our daughters had a blast with them... although I don't think this is what the original giver had in mind!

Debbie said...

Talking smack... too funny!
My next favorite is the unicorn one. As always, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.

Kristen said...

What a great list! Thanks for visiting our blog, I'll be back to yours :o)

GumDropSwap said...

I'm from Albany, GA and know all about red clay! LOL. I love that the troll is on the slip-n-slide!

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