This post was easy...

Because Ben did all of the work.

For some reason, I haven't been making too many lists lately.  Maybe that's why I feel simultaneously free and stressed at the same time.  Lists are my constant companion and also my constant reminder of how much I have to do and how little I have actually accomplished.  I love lists.  I hate lists.  Friend and foe - those things.

But here's a list that I love.  It's actually a book that Ben made in Sunday School class this past week.  A list of ways he is and/or can be a helper around the house inspired by the story of Ruth being oh-so-helpful to her mother-in-law Naomi.

Long story short, it made me smile and I hoped it might do the same for you.

Here goes:

Pushing usually helps.
(Help build the playground)
That's the playground lying on its side...as it remained for much of the time we were building it.
That's "printer" to those who don't know. Mainly, we print coupons and make Ben go retrieve them for us.

There you have it.  Next time you wonder "How can my child make him/herself useful?"  Consider these things.  Out of the mouth of my six year old.


Debbie said...

This is so cute!

I love
"cep my sisters out of trobl" the best.

Diane said...

hmm, good luck with having Ben keep Abby out of trobl [sic]. I think Abby has a similar list that says "get into trobl".

Valerie M. said...

This is so sweet Jennie. Ben is such a good boy and so innocent. Ben is the BEST!!!!!

GumDropSwap said...

I love this book! Those scissors are just a prop sadly (made of wood) and they belong to the Mayor's office for photo ops. But I contemplated make a cardboard version because I loved them! And Bridgeport is the antithesis of Albany, GA!

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