Best Mother's Day Present EVER

I got some tremendous gifts this year...from new clothes and a beautiful beverage dispenser from Kirklands for all of the entertaining I wish we did but don't actually (Thank you, Sam!) to a suitcase full of handcrafted paper items since he "didn't have any money" (Thank you, Ben!).  I got some crafts that the kids made in school, complete with handprints in some form or another (and I absolutely LOVE that!).

This one tops them all though.  And in the interest of brevity, I will simply post a picture so you can peruse for yourself.  Feel free to click on it if you can't read it clearly.



Aneesa Cappellano said...

Wow! 100 pounds, you are really slimming down ;)

Eliza said...

VERY cute!!

amy said...

I did NOT realize that you are 6 feet tall and 100 pounds! So funny!

Jennie said...

He's totally confusing me with Sam! ;)

Brooke said...

That is adorable!

CLewis said...

How cute! Our home group threw me a baby shower last week and so the women and men split up at different houses. We had all the daughters with us to and they all filled in Mad Libs about my labor. Hilarious:) I was having a 700 hundred hour labor and my baby was being delivered by Oprah Winfrey and Rascal Flats. Kids are great!

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