Totally Tardy Mom Things

You find yourself laughing at things you know you shouldn't like when you tell your four year old she has to take a nap and she replies, "Who cares? I'll find a spinning wheel and make you touch it."  (Really...that's kind of funny right?  At the very least it's clever.)

Your seven year old boy continues to terrify you about your future grocery bill as he assertively proclaims at the very start of every meal, "I claim leftovers!"

You learn the hard way that teaching your own kids at VBS is not such a brilliant idea.  And that's all I have to say about that.

You aren't at all surprised that your child has found a way to nearly strangle herself with the tie-it-in-a-bow "belt" on her dress.

The near-strangling occurred on the very same day she found a way to rock a headband - totally 80's-workout-video style.

But then again, she has a thing for the 80's hair-band look...(or maybe the stuck-my-finger-in-the-socket look)

After hearing her declare that you "never play play-doh or make cookies", you allow your four year old a go at playdoh while baby sister is napping.  The aftermath reminds you very plainly why there is such a long hiatus between playdoh days...

While your rambunctious four year old sprays the nearby wildlife with a water gun,

your more chillin' older son prefers to sit in the shade of the porch reading his book.

To which you have nothing to say but, "Typical."

Since it had been more than 24 hours since her last head injury, your toddler decided to run smack into the door frame, the wall, and fall off a stack of chairs while you were decorating your room for VBS.  She started the week off with two new bruises and a bloody lip.  The lengths she'll go to in order not to let those rowdy boy toddlers show her up.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Sharon said...

That first picture of Ben just cracked me up. He's usually so self-possessed, it was fun to see him looking...well...a little "possessed"!

Abby marches to a different drummer - and I just love her tune.

Sarah - well, let's just say that she is the reason God invented band-aids.

I noticed that at least half of the playdoh ended up on the floor - my biggest question? Did anyone eat any??

I am so curious - what book is Ben reading? He reminds me of me when I was growing up - always had my nose in a book. Must be an *oldest* thing...

Are you surviving VBS in the Big Apple?

Can't wait for an update...

Denise said...

I just loved the 80's hairdo. So cute and so Abby. I do remember those play dough days. What a mess they make and my girls loved it. I wonder why so much does end up on the floor. I always had such a problem when they mixed up the colors that I probably wasn't much fun. :( I vote for cookie baking next time!!

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