Summer, Summer, Summertime Mom Things

All of the other moms at storytime give you dirty looks when you bust out the box of raisins to keep your two year old content and sitting still.  You can't help it if their kids want some and they didn't think to bring their own.  (This is when you quote "Desperate times call for desperate measures".)

Speaking of storytime at the library, after one hour of sitting listening to a story and quietly picking out books, you've discovered that your kids have more energy than ever before from having pent it up all that time, while you, on the other hand, have never been more in need of a nap.

You realize it's a total waste to buy puzzles when you can just set your two year old up at the dishwasher and let her reassemble her own sippy cups.

You wouldn't mind video games so much if while they were being played you and your girls could successfully walk from one side of the house to the other without being verbally accosted for stepping in front of the tv.  Hey fellas, it's our living room too.

You get a chuckle every time one of the kids wants to play "Follow the Leader" because, really, when did we stop playing that?

Every once in a while you capture a snapshot that perfectly represents your kids' personalities.  It might not be frame-worthy, but it's perfectly telling of your seven year old's responsible nature, your four year old's mischievous nature, and your two year old's adventurous nature. 

Your heart overflows when you see your little girl's creativity blossoming.  With a stack of post-it notes, a pair of scissors, and a magna-doodle, she created this masterpiece:

Best investment ever?  $1 squirt bottles from the Dollar General.  They're water guns, watering cans, lasers in an alien war, spray bottles for playing hairstylist, and "window cleaner" dispensers.  The possibilities are endless.

You remember catching your son reading by the light of his closet when he was a wee fellow.  You've since discovered that his baby sister shares his love for reading when you catch her sitting by her slightly-cracked-open bedroom door, well after she's been tucked in, "reading" by the light of the hallway.

Until you had your milk-loving third child, you never understood the emergency that is Running Out of Milk.  Now, you buy two gallons.  Every couple of days.

You had a conflicting excitement and apprehension about your first summer at home with the kids as a stay-at-home mom.  Instead of fighting it, you've learned to embrace it (more so than at first anyway).  Turns out, it's everything you imagined it would be.  And more...

 (Please tell me someone else finds joy in chunky two-year-old wedgies besides me.)

Happy Wednesday, "y'all"!!!


Sharon said...

Summer, summer Mom JOY!

Oh, what fun, Jennie! I've got to tell you, I was a stay-at-home mom over many summers. And yes, though it's a bit taxing to play activities director every day, the memories and laughter are priceless.

Yes, that photo does capture your kids' personalities - I know what you mean. I have a *professional studio* photo of my two sons when they were about 41/2 and 1. My oldest is the picture of the perfect gentleman - the youngest looks just like the scamp he was!

Abby's creativity is impressive...seriously.

Chunkie wedgie was adorable. I never had daughters - but, chunky two-year-old *behinds* are pretty cute, too. Ahem...

As to the last photo - Looks like your kids aren't getting enough plastic in their diet. Except for Ben, who just seems to enjoy the smell of plastic in the morning...


Anonymous said...

From Grammie :-)

It is so good to see the crew back together! Ben missed his sisters and was ready to see them. I remember the two of us sitting here at the computer looking at the girls playing in the water and he was a little sad. Now I am sitting alone (sniff-sniff) looking at him back in the thick of things. I may have to come play in the water with all of them. You've received fair warning. Ha!!

Debbie said...

I smiled all the way through this one. The mommy in me agrees about the perfect capture in the pool picture.
The teacher in me wants to tell you what you probably already know:

Your kids are gifted. I'm not heaping praise or vain glory. I'm merely stating a fact based on my education and experience.

Oh, and I love toddler wedgies too.

Jennie said...

Sharon: Thank you always for your sweet comments! I absolutely love the word "scamp". I really do think it nails both Abby and Sarah on the head! The last photo is pretty telling of their personalities too. Abby started the biting trend, Sarah followed suit happily, and Ben opted to do whatever his little sister *weren't* doing.

Grammie: Come play! We're here. (At least, *I'm* here. Your son might be burning the midnight oil at work.)

Mrs. Debbie: Thank you for saying that! I usually think so, but I think every mother thinks their kids are special. ;) I do value your unbiased professional point of voice though. It carries much more credence than Mom pride.

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