Simple Green

No, no.  It's not about the all-purpose cleaner.

It's about something you can't buy on a shelf (unless you count fertilizers and stuff).

It's something you "grow" to appreciate, especially when your whole state goes for a month with nary a drop of rain coupled with heat indices in the triple digits for as long as you can remember and more of the same in the extended forecast.

It's the kind of green that lasts for only a moment in the two weeks of spring-like weather we get to experience down here in Georgia.  This year, it was at the end of April. 

The kind of green that makes you optimistic for the summer.

Then, the days get hotter, the sun lasts longer, and the grass withers away.  

But with the crunchiness comes a different kind of simple pleasure.

But the best part is how grateful it has made me for a few drops of rain when we finally get them.  And how thankful I am for the Georgia Farm Bureau and their collective prayers for rain and to live in a place where this is not only a tolerable practice, but a preferred one.  And how big the smile was that crossed my face tonight as I walked outside and breathed in the sweet smell of rain as we were blessed with a 15-minute deluge.

Tomorrow, I suspect I'll see a little more green.

And, that, friends, is my simple pleasure.

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Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Coming out of a 10 year drought here in Australia, I have say...seeing 'green' again is an absolute pleasure indeed!!
Thank you Lord!!

Debbie said...

I certainly can relate to this one.
We got thunder a time or two last week yet not a drop of rain. I feel as if my whole life needs some mercy drops.

Dayle said...

We are so in need of rain, and these days do remind me what a wonderful simple pleasure rain is. If we didn't water daily, my yard would be brittle.

Sharon said...

Oh boy - I so remember those days of running through the sprinklers! Such great fun. Abby looks so carefree. To be a child again...sigh.

OK, I'm sure the stifling hot temperatures of Georgia are terrible - but the lovely marine layer that covers most of Southern California during the month of June is depressing. And yes, we've had rain - but c'mon, it's JUNE, in CALIFORNIA.

So, here's the deal - I'll send you some rain, if you send me some sun!

xo :)

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