Task-ful Tuesday

My husband, sometimes, deserves a medal for putting up with me. There's just no doubt about that. I confess to being more emotionally unstable lately than probably ever before in our marriage. And that is saying a lot, my friends.  But I poured it all out and he mopped it all up, and truthfully, I'm feeling much better now.

Wait, but that is not at all what this post was supposed to be about.  Or was it?

Yesterday was one of his beloved federal holidays, so on top of the 3.5 day weekend he had last week from our "winter storm event", he had a 3 day weekend home with the four remaining crazies this week as well.  Since we played hard all day Saturday and rested up on Sunday, on Monday, Sam looked at me and said, "You want to knock an item off your list today?"

Oh yeah.  The list.

But what he was saying was that he was going to help me in the form of encouragement and presence.  I can't tell you how motivating that is for me.  So - I looked over the list, ruled out all of the outdoor activities because we were mid-deluge here in central Georgia, and narrowed it down to "Make Abby 10 new hairbows" and "Make Abby & Sarah matching dresses using my grandmother's sewing machine."

And since I had help in the form of Sam - I opted to prep for both.  So we loaded up and headed out - with coupons of course - to Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabric, and Michael's.  Then, just for kicks we went to Walmart where I scored some black Rik Rak for $0.75.   (As if I know what to do with it.  Apparently, I have big plans.)

I almost feel like I should take a poll here because he did actually do all of that with me:  How many of your husbands would willingly tag along with you and your children to craft stores?

[And just a little aside to let you know how cheap thrifty we are - we were out long enough to take advantage of Sonic's Happy Hour where we got a Route 44 Cherry Limeade to share between the other four of us, I got a 99 cent large coffee at Dunkin' Donuts with my Flint card, and then I ran into the Target cafe for a $1 bag of popcorn.  The afternoon snack for the five of us totaled a whopping $3.17.  True story.]

The point of this rambling, incoherent post is to say that I got it done.  One of the items anyway...

With the help of this youtube tutorial and then this youtube tutorial (which proved much more helpful - or at least yielded better bows, in my opinion), we got these:

# 66 ~ Make ten new hair bows...check!

I'd be remissed if I didn't mention the little fact that I wanted to post this picture and blog post yesterday, but someone (named Sarah) hid two of the ten new bows so the picture would have been incomplete.  Turns out, the little escape artist had, at some point last night, let herself out of the house into the garage and deposited the two little bows by the side of our van.  Then, apparently, her work was done and she came back inside.  It's a very scary day in the life of a parent when you realize your 20-month old can operate a doorknob and accomplish sneaky tasks like these without your knowledge.

Maybe tomorrow I'll face my sewing machine fears and attempt the dress-making, considering I'm equipped with three types of material and I'm faced with two nights of no-husband time to fill.  Of course, since Sam is in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a couple of days, I fear I won't find the inspiration.  But now, I'm accountable. I said it out loud.


Merry Flatt said...

My mother is the ultimate seamstress. If you need advice, tips, prayers, etc. I highly recommend her. She's pretty awesome! If she can get an ADD eleven year old to sew a decent dress, surely she can coach an engineer through it with ease!

Debbie said...

Answering the poll question first: As wonderful as the man of my house is, he doesn't tag along to the craft stores. He would probably annoy me if he did because he would be asking all kinds of questions. (The most frequent one being, "Are we ready to go yet?")

I'm applauding for the adorable hair bows! I'm particularly fond of bows on little girls. When I taught school, we called the sweetest little girls "bow heads".

Speaking of school... I just read your comment over "there". I want to hear more! This could be verrrry interesting.

Looking forward to the matching dresses. Here's a hint for you if you haven't chosen the pattern or style yet: Make little reversible jumpers. They are even easy enough for me to do. No pesky facings and stuff like that. Plus, and you can switch them up when you want to.

Emily said...

CUTE BOWS!!! I really need to get started on some of those too, but it's not worth doing if you only really need one or 2 bows made...too much mess and clean up! :) I'm impressed!

CLewis said...

Love the bows!! May have to make some for my niece. How awesome of your husband to motivate you in accomplishing your goals. That most have felt good. And to answer your question...my husband actually DOES accompany me to the craft store, kids in tow and everything. And he doesn't even rush me! We must have two special men:)

Jaybird said...

Hey girl,

Thanks for being my 'follower'. I'm going places with 12!

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