Sunday Fun[dip]day!

Today's post will be brief. Because, after all, this is a day of rest, and I have been doing a whole lot of nothing during it. We got back from a morning of church followed by a delicious lunch at a restaurant-that-cooks-like-home and we were super tired.  So I put the girls down for their nap, changed into my Ravens 2001 Superbowl shirt (BIG FAT SIGH) and settled down for a nap myself.

I'm not a good napper.  I usually wake up mad as a hornet.  And then I'm even more unable to sleep at night than usual.  What can I say?  I'm just crazy.

But this weekend, Grammie was here.  So with free and willing babysitting services at Sam's and my disposal, we made a full day of it.  After our standard Saturday morning basketball game (where we are spectators - not players), we went out for lunch, stopped by Target (where we pulled off one of the greatest money-saving heists ever - but it's just too long to explain - take my word for it, it was awesome), played a tennis game, double-dipped on our Kroger gas savings, watched the Ravens hand the Steelers the game on a silver platter, then headed off to Carrabba's for dinner and a late-night Kroger run.  That's how we celebrate our anniversary.  (Lame-o's.)  That doesn't sound like a lot, but I guess my stamina is down.  I was spent.

Hence - the nap.

When we woke up from the nap, Abby remembered the "treat" that Grammie had handed to her on our way off to church this morning before she left.

There seems to be a handbook somewhere with all of the grandparent rules in it - including tickling the kids at bedtime, sugaring them up before naptime, letting them watch "forbidden" shows (like Spongebob), and, of course, handing them all some candy right before church which they end up talking about for the remainder of the day and, apparently, wake up from their nap thinking about it.

Abby eats like a bird.  Except when it comes to candy.  It's the only thing that gives her a ravenous, insatiable appetite.  She was allowed to open it and enjoy it since she'd been so patient all day waiting.  (Ha!)

Long story short - 30 seconds into that Fun Dip, she'd already devoured the Lik-A-Stik.  So she resorted to consuming the unnaturally blue powder with her finger.

Which brought us to this...

She was so proud of it - until she realized it wasn't going to come off with any old soap and water.

(That's a look of true sorrow, I believe.)

So, thanks, Grammie.  For that.  We owe you one!  (You know we love you!)

But really, I think my kids just love to dye their mouths (and shoot - the rest of their bodies) random colors.  I'm afraid we can't blame that entirely on Grammie.

Remember the stamp-pad-eating-five-month-old?

The creative eyeshadow made possible by, you guessed it, a stamp-pad -

The lollipop festivities at Christmastime (this one actually was a Grammie) -


And I'll stop there since I'm pretty sure this already qualifies me for either the "Worst Mom Ever" award or at the very least warrants a call to the authorities...

In closing, Abby wants to tell you all that she hopes your Sunday was a fun day as well.


Hawklady said...

haha, Love it!

Debbie said...

Look! Abby voted in Iraq!

These are so funny to me that I have the little shoulder shrugging giggle thing going on.
I'm going to call this "Flashback Friday on a Sunday". BTW, Happy Anniversary! I had it in my head that yours was before Christmas for some reason.

And that Grammie Sheppard is a trip. Last week, she kidnapped Chloe from church for some kind of unplanned adventure. Apparently, it caused all sorts of confusion. That's one crazy chick.
I think Abby should possibly have been named Lisa.

Sharon Kirby said...

Happy Anniversary! And I don't think you guys are "Lame-o's" at all - I thought your day together was rather quaint and cozy. (Perhaps just a TOUCH middle-aged, but hey, you were SPENT after all... :)

Loved your tie-dyed children. Seems like they favor the blue side of the spectrum. Perhaps a little red or orange next time???

By the way, when I called the authorities and told them it was Jennie's children, they just laughed and hung up. Hmmm....


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