Squeaking the Mom Things in Late this Evening

It still cracks you up that your seven year old refers to your four year old's drawings as "potato people"....

...but it's less funny when you find one of these potato people sketched on the side of your washing machine. (But still a little bit funny.)

You know better than to leave stray pens lying around the house because...well...this happens:

You fear your daughter is going to become a graffiti artist when she gets older seeing as how from the moment she could form the letters, she began tagging all of her belongings with her name.

You are elated to realize that your expertise on how to make Nintendo work again has been passed on to the next generation - apparently blowing on the bottom of the game cartridge helps Leapster games work too.

It only takes a half-second glance at one photo of the bottom of your four year old's foot for you to make a mental note not to dress the kids in white socks the next time you go to Monkey Joe's.

Not unlike the temptation to throw a trash can in front of the speeding cars in your neighborhood, at drop-off and pick-up times at your son's school you must resist the urge to throw a bookbag at all of the parents who think they are too-cool-for-school-rules and do whatever the BLEEP they feel like no matter how potentially dangerous and undeniably rude it may be.

With each passing day you are further convinced that the reason God gave you children is to try to even-up the balance between truly terrible kids and pretty okay ones (like yours).

You can't help but be a little bit proud when your 20-month old's inexplicable climbing skills are the talk among the moms at Monkey Joe's.

Maybe it's because she's your third, but you think it's funny that your toddler has developed quite a taste for coffee, to the point that when she sees you drinking it, she runs to get a spoon so she can lap up some sips of her own.

You think you might have the only child in the world who asks if he can go home and research the water cycle before you even get to the car after school.  (Nerd.)

When your toddler locks herself in the pantry, you laugh at her and take a picture as she nonchalantly calls your name from the crack under the door, because why have kids if not for entertainment?

As much as you hated it when people touched your belly when you were pregnant, you find yourself resisting the urge to reach out and touch the cute little bellies when you see them.  It's just undeniably miraculous.  (And everyone else's bellies seem way cuter than yours did when you had to lug all of that around.)


Sherri said...

Oh, I love this Jennie! You are the best at these mom things...and I have to agree with you on all those "too-cool" parents at school! Drives me crazy...

Sorry I haven't been around here much, but I sure love a visit here!

Debbie said...

I spent the night with my mom last night, and we just sat here this morning laughing at this whole thing. I love it this week. Sarah peeking under that door is priceless!!!

We think you need to frame the picture of her with the coffee cup and put it in your kitchen. That's too cute.

And about the carpool line? Oh yes... do not even get me started. I have about a dozen little pet peeves on that particular topic.

Sharon Kirby said...

Priceless - just priceless. You could write a book on these "Mom Things."

A couple of comments:

At least the potato person is smiling.
Sarah's self-marking - maybe "tattoo artist" is her life's dream!
Glad you explained the Leapster photo - thought maybe Abby was learning harmonica.
Evidently "monkey see, monkey do" is the motto at Monkey Joe's. (And yes, the climbing is rather impressive...)
Sarah and the coffee - OK, maybe tattoo artist AND barista.
The water cycle can be exciting, right? If you're a water molecule...right??
Loved the picture at the crack of the door. How long before you let her out?

I guess that was more than a couple comments - more than a few even. I guess I should have said SEVERAL...


Aneesa said...

I can't keep my kids away from the coffee either...I agree though that you should frame that coffee picture of Sarah...adorable!!
I was just thinking about how I love to touch prego bellies and that people might start thinking I'm weird, but hey now we can be weird together! I just can't help it, and there is so many cute little pregnant woman in our Sunday school class!

Denise said...

Loved all of the pictures but Sarah drinking coffee is priceless. Of course I love coffee too so maybe I'm a bit biased. My girls didn't start liking coffee until college. (late nights and early mornings?)

I love to touch those miraculous bellies but I do try to ask the mom first. It didn't really occur to me that some women may not like it. I learned that from a blogger...

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