The Mom Things - posted 44 mins early because I like the date 1/11/11

You know it's never a good sign when you see this in the living room of your mother-in-law's house:

Because, that's pretty dang far from the bathroom...

You find it ironic how much fun toilets and their accessories are for your toddlers and how oh so un-fun they are for you, as their parent.

The toilet:  Where all the fun happens [apparently]

The more kids you have, the earlier you start them on household chores.  For instance, "Here, Sarah, refill that tea canister for me, will ya?"

After Christmas on the road at two grandparents' houses you figured that by the time you arrived home again, wrapping presents was optional.  Thus the cover-them-with-a-blanket trick was born.

(Yeah, they didn't care.)

It physically pains you to watch your excessively-passive seven year old son play basketball, as you flash back to the days when you yourself played competitive team sports with a surprising rabid aggression.  Deep within you there's a voice dying to be heard that says it's okay if he's not the best one on the team - he loves it.  And that really is what's important.  (Right?)

You notice that you've relaxed a lot from your early years of parenting when instead of standing at the bottom of the slide preparing to catch them where they inevitably crashed, you were taking a picture of the trip down...

With all of the random information and Did-you-know's that your kids barrage you with all day, you are 100% confident that, together, someday, they will be reigning trivia champs.

The best excuse you can come up with when your seven year old spies you having coke for breakfast and asks why you get to and he doesn't is, "Because I paid for it."  (That was totally weak.)

You love dressing your daughter up in her poofy winter coat because the entire time she's wearing it you randomly quip, "I can't put my arms down!".   Really - that's what it looks like.  (Bonus points if you know the movie reference.)

You realize you have a very long way to go when it comes to teaching your four year old how to act like a lady.

Well...it's almost Wednesday.  So here they are - Happy Midweek, everyone!


Jaybird said...

The Christmas Story!

My favorite is "Fra-gi-le"!

Diane said...

Laughed at Sarah and the toilet paper... that is a really long way from the bathroom!

oh, and Sabrina still sits like that. But she doesn't wear dresses, so I've given up (for the moment) on lady-like behavior. :-)

Sharon Kirby said...

That is a reference from one of our favorite movies of all time - Christmas Story.

Want another BB gun story? (You ARE saying yes, aren't you???) My youngest was ALWAYS hounding us about getting a BB gun, and he was WAY too young at 4! So, he had his dad and I sign a contract and date it for his 12th birthday. (I figured that would keep him quiet about it, and he would forget it). Yup, you guessed it, on his 12th birthday, I was presented with the rather well-wrinkled "contract" and we went out and bought him a BB gun - and no, he didn't shoot his eye out!

My oldest son also loved playing basketball - he was not so good either - too short. I used to tell him all the time to just go have fun. Winning didn't matter. Before one game he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Who are you kidding?!" (I'm quite competitive, and I guess it showed!) Fortunately, he was MUCH better at roller hockey!

Your kids are so cute, and the way you "present" them to us is priceless. I LOVE your Mom things - they are a breath of fresh air!

Love your Christmas wrapping.
I always thought toilet paper was a toddler accessory.
Abby also looks thrilled to be WEARING something "ladylike!"

xoxo and GOD BLESS!

Debbie said...

Doggone it. I was going to say "A Christmas Story" but I'm dragging my heels today.

I actually remember saying the same thing with my girls and big puffy jackets.

Wonder what Tommy did when he realized that there was not a single square of TP left for its intended purpose after the Sarah invasion?

And if Ben inherits his dad's money making gene, he'll be buying himself breakfast cokes by March. Be prepared.

Denise said...

I love quirky number stuff too. I made sure to shop somewhere just so I could write that date on my check. I know. Odd.

I knew the movie "A Christmas Story" too. But now I just look like I'm cheating because everyone else already said it. :(

I had the same thought as Debbie about Ben and the money making gene...be prepared.

As for Abby...she is wearing a dress, has a bow in her hair and a doll beside her...I think she's progressing quite well in the lady area. Just a little tweaking and she'll be perfect!

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