Ringing in the New Year with a New Round of Mom Things...

After a little hiatus from the mom things, I'm back and better than ever.  Actually, let's just leave it at I'm back.  Hope you have all been enjoying the break from me, and hope you didn't get too used to it.  Because it appears I can't stay away from blogdom for long.  And now...here we go again...

You love that in at least half of your pictures from Christmas morning, the kids look drunk (again).

Sometimes you just have to let the kids figure things out on their own...

You simultaneously love and hate the sound of giggles and squeals coming from your two girls playing together in the back bedroom. You love it because they are having so much fun together. You hate it because you know it will inevitably result in some sort of head trauma when someone gets too excited and falls off the bed or head butts the wall.

You can predict with almost absolute certainty that every book your four year old chooses from the library will have either a pink or purple spine and most likely end up being about princesses.  So much for "don't judge a book by it's cover".

Your seven year old, on the other hand, returns from the stacks with one of each book in the Magic Tree House series, and he seems slightly put out when you explain to him that it might be a little optimistic to try to finish 40+ books in two weeks time.

What appears to be a normal drool stain, upon closer inspection turns out to be coffee, a beverage for which your toddler has obviously developed quite a taste (which may or may not be an undesirable and lasting side effect of drinking coffee while nursing).  You consider this a great reminder to remember to put your coffee out of reach when you leave the room for 30 seconds.

It's still socially acceptable to laugh when your toddler disregards manners and shoves an entire piece of cake in her mouth at one time.  (But if your four or seven year old did the same thing - it would so not be funny.)

You continue to be surprised  by the random fears harbored by your four year old.  And you're pretty sure that of all of them, the one you would most prefer her to overcome is probably not the fear of sparklers and fireworks.  (Too late...)

You figured your kids would be able to make it to see the New Year after a couple of weeks of vacation during which they seemingly required little to no sleep at all.  Turns out, they decided to make up for it on New Year's Eve in Grammie's oh-so-comfortable bed.  You didn't bother telling them they missed NKOTB & BSB perform live.  They'd be crushed.  [not really]

At first glance it appears that the calmness coming from your middle child's bedroom is a sweet portrait of kiddos reading together in bed.

Leave it to the unruly toddler to change the picture.

 Where did this little imp even come from?


Andrea said...

Hope you guys have an awesome New Year!

Sharon Kirby said...
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Sharon Kirby said...

(Sorry about the do-over).

Jennie, Jennie, Jennie - How you make me chuckle, guffaw, and literally gag on giggles! Too, too funny!

As far as the coffee stain - one question. Tall, Grande, or Venti?? Hmmm...

Sarah reminds me of my youngest. A lovable terror! My grandfather nicknamed my oldest "Greased Lightning" because he was so busy. When Son #2 came along, I asked my grandfather what HIS nickname was, because he made Son #1 look like a turtle. My papa just smiled at me and said, "Hurricane!"

Sarah reminds me of my scamp, rascal Son #2 - who grew up to be a pretty great guy!

Keep Abby away from cherry bombs, etc - and you should be OK.
And Ben, it sounds like he reads like I do - voraciously.

Love your "Mom Things" - and love you too!


Debbie said...

Mom Things is my favorite part of your week, and I'm so glad to see them!! I'm hoping for some flashback Fridays too. Hint...

Would it scare you to know that I always picked the pink and purple princess books too? Or that I was afraid of my own shadow until the age of 50? (Figure that one out...)

So I relate to Princess Abby. That one ties with the coffee drinking toddler for the crown because it made me laugh out loud.

Your kids are the cutest!

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