Thank you all for bearing with me during my transition to stay-at-home-momdom. It's rare for me to take a week-long blog break. For the past week I've felt like my entire brain has taken a break. Maybe it has. And not because of the new "gig", mostly just because I'm trying to convince my brain what my heart already knows - that I can do this.  I promise not to disappear from the blog world.  And as I get my groove back and leave the funk buried in the leather shoes in the back of my closet that I should have worn socks with, I'll get back to posting all those "Deep Thoughts By Jennie Sheppard".  You know you miss them.

But I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't get my "Mom Things" on.

It only took three tries to get one, but you finally have a child that can actually leave the room and return with their drink when you instruct them to get their cup.  Perhaps your toddler can teach the older siblings a thing or two.

After instructing your girls to tear up a few stale hot dog buns for the birds, your youngest returns with a face full of bread crumbs.  And she'd just finished lunch.  I guess she likes stale hot dog buns for dessert?

Your four year old randomly pauses and poses in contorted positions and asks the first person to walk by, "Is this awesome?"  And you laugh.  Every single time.

Your kids have an unconscionable number of toys in their bedrooms and in their playroom, but their favorite place to play remains under the kitchen table amid the crumbs left over from the previous meal.

Your animal-loving toddler barks at anything and everything with fur, and you find yourself regularly explaining to her that cats, wolves, and polar bears are not dogs.

At any given time there are a handful of elementary-aged boys tackling each other in your backyard and it doesn't phase you in the slightest.  After all, anything goes when you're playing Cops & Robbers, right?

You wish that actual naptime was even half as fun as pretending to take a nap.

All that time you put into making those tiny envelopes for this year's Advent calendar was justified by how excited your seven year old is each morning to see what activity is in store for the day.

Since being laid off your four year old wakes up every morning and excitedly asks, "Do I get to stay home again today?!"  And you'd have to be dead for that not to pull on your heartstrings.

You can confidently say that someday one of your older children will be able to say, "My little sister ate my homework.  And also, she might be half goat."

Have a fabulous week, "y'all"!  I'll be back again soon...


Kat said...

Jennie - Love this week's list! Pop into LSB's we miss you and now that you are home want to see you more!!!

Denise said...

Great mom things post. I sure have missed you. And you're right, "Asking if they get to stay home again" pulled on those heartstrings.

Sharon Kirby said...

Boy, I have missed you a TON! Just can't seem to live without those "Deep Thoughts by Jennie Sheppard." (And it's been hard not enjoying your searingly hysterical sense of humor...)

Evidently Sarah is part squirrel - first she hoards the buns, and then hides some of the crumbs under the table for "later." That girl is a resourceful little thing!

Thanks, Jennie - as always, such a good time with you and your motley crew! Hope you're enjoying "Momhood."

Debbie said...

Look no more for your children's missions in life. I have figured them out. Apparently, all three were born to make Debbie laugh.

Abby has the special mission of making me laugh and scrinch the shoulders at the same time.
Isn't THAT awesome?

My crown this week goes to crumb eating Sarah though. She cracks me up. I'm pretty sure I know the bait that gets her under the table.

I knew that you would take to this new adventure like a fish to water. When I see something that you CAN'T seem to accomplish, I'll let ya know.

Two more things:
The leather shoes made me LAUGH right out loud, and I do miss deep thoughts. Better think up some before your brain turns to scale bun crumbs.

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