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Determined to carry on the annual tradition of looking at Christmas lights, you put on your jammies, load up the kids (including the brand new infant), and ride around town. You see lots of lights, but the Christmas carols playing on the radio do nothing to drown out the irate screaming from the two-month old in the backseat who remains unimpressed by inflatable Santas.

You can always whet your kids' whistle with a nice cold glass of gingerbread man...known to the average person as "ginger ale".

If decorating the Christmas tree were an Olympic event, your kids would take the gold in "Securing the most ornaments on a single branch as close to the tip as possible."

Your seven year old scoffed at the sight of his stocking hanging on the mantel.  "Pssshhh...those things look like socks!"  Your reply - "That's what stockings are, Ben.  Socks." - rendered him completely speechless.  That's what it feels like to blow a little boy's mind.

You often describe your seven year old boy and four year old girl as an old married couple.  They bicker like one.  But they also love each other so much you can literally see it in their eyes.

Your wild-woman of a four year old stayed still long enough at her last haircut to have her hair braided like this:

That, friends, was a Thanksgiving miracle.

After spending six months+ assembling the backyard playground, it becomes worth it in a single-moment when you see your kids' smiles when they finally get to swing.

You can't decide whether to stop her from downloading viruses or encourage her to develop her typing skills, but either way you snapped a picture of your toddler navigating her way around the computer.

While reading Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House), your son asks you which adjective best describes the Titanic sinking - sad, scary, or exciting?  How on earth do you answer that?

Thanks to your toddler's cute little classmates playing up her obsession with her belly button, you now know if you say "Ding dong!" she will press on her belly button with one finger, as if it's a door bell.  Silly babies.


Sharon Kirby said...

1) Footies???
2) I've always found inflatable Santas a little scary.
3) Christmas Olympics - like the idea. Ornaments that keep falling off the tree - hate that.
4) Let's really throw Ben for a loop and put up some panty hose.
5) My two sons are STILL like an old married couple (at 24 and almost 28)!
6) Love the braids.
7) Love the swings, and smiles!
8) I think Sarah might have hacked into my computer. Or tried to "friend" me on Facebook.
9) I'm thinking that the sinking of the Titanic was sad and scary - but finding it again was really exciting!
10) Gotta go - my doorbell just rang - and I have this weird urge to poke my bellybutton...

Silly babies - wonderful Mom - terrific post!


Debbie said...

These are great! I think my crown this week goes to Miss Sarah and the ding dong belly bell. It made me scrinch up my shoulers when I read that one.

Wouldn't you love to spend an hour inside Ben's head just looking around?

Angela Winford said...

You are such a great writer! It perked my attention b/c you mentioned looking at Christmas lights; a favorite of mine! In Texas (where I'm from), decorating your house for Christmas is a BIG deal. Entire neighborhoods decorate and some home associations have it in their bi-laws that you must decorate at Christmas. Yet, in Georgia, we have found trouble finding a large area of houses that have lights. Instead it is hit and miss, a few here, a few there. Any thoughts? Thanks!

The pics of the kids swing are priceless! Love it! Makes me want to get our girls a swingset for Christmas :) They soooo love to swing!

Take care!

stephanie said...

We recently taught Andie (much like my parents taught us) that your belly button is an actual button, that, when unbuttoned, makes your heiney fall off! The best part is that Andie plays right along with it, and gets her heiney from wherever we put it, and reminds us to use the "heiney cream" [diaper ointment] to glue it back on!

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