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Every year beginning on the first day of fall, when teachers start telling the children stories of cool, crisp air, hay rides, and raking up leaves only to come inside for a cup of cocoa to warm up afterward, Ben starts asking me when it's going to be cold enough to wear footie pajamas.

The problem is - we live in Georgia.  It's actually almost never cold enough to wear footie pajamas.  At least certainly not the first couple of days weeks months of fall.

But then there's that first cold snap of the season.  This year it came as October turned into November, earlier than usual.  Naturally, as I perused the weather forecast and casually mentioned that it was going to be getting "cold" (for Georgia anyway!), Ben perked right up.  "So I get to wear my footies!?"

You see, he loves those things.

Ben isn't a small kid.  So as the years have passed, it has become increasingly more difficult to find footies that fit him.  We've tried to suggest that maybe he's getting to big for footies.  He protests.  Not in a whiny, baby-like way or anything.  He just really and truly loves footie pajamas.  He's all about comfort.  And I guess, for him, they are the ultimate.

To me, they were always kind of like a straight-jacket.  But I guess differing opinions are what make the world go 'round, right?

I've blogged about the footies before.  He insisted on wearing them to Pajama Day in kindergarten last year.  I fretted and worried and agonized over the decision.  I just knew the other kids were going to make fun of him.  I just knew he'd be the only kid wearing them.  Lo and behold I was wrong (as is usually the case when I worry).  No one cared, other people wore them, and life was just as peachy after Pajama Day as it was before.  (And some of us, namely me, came out of it a little wiser.)

Fast forward to first grade.  Last weekend, following on the heels of what will forever be remembered as the "kidney stone week", Ben went on his first camping trip with the RA's at church.  He was going without a parent, under the supervision of other adults, in the company of dozens of other little boys all the same age or older than him.  Naturally, it was during one of the coldest nights we'd had so far this season.  When I mentioned that fact out loud, Ben, once again, lit up.  "Well that's no problem!  I'll just wear my footie pajamas."

I could feel my worries rising up from the depths.  I tried to squelch them with the reminder that last year Pajama Day went off without a hitch, so maybe the camping trip wouldn't be any different.  It didn't work.  My mind raced - But it's a year later!  He's a year older!  Is it going to be okay?  Should I make him wear different ones?  Even though, honestly, they probably are the warmest things he owns.

Determined to let him learn his own lessons, whether the hard way or not, I packed his footies in his duffle bag and kissed him goodbye for 24 hours.

I could hardly wait to hear from him when he got home.  My first question:  "So....Ben....did anyone....like your footies?"

He said, "Someone told me they were baby pajamas, but I just said 'No they aren't.  Anyone can wear them.'"  And that was it.  End of conversation(s).

Why?  Why do I underestimate my children so much?  They are self-confident, logical little people.  If someone ridicules them, they don't buckle and fold.  They offer a well-thought-out rebuttal and go on with their footie-pajama-wearing selves.

That is just one of many, many reasons I love their little one-piece-pj-wearing souls.

In light of my confident little seven year old with the body of at least an eight year old, I hereby deem my Simple Pleasure today "Footie Pajamas".  Because, if I'm being honest, I do love them too.  (On my kids...not on my hot-flashin' self.)

And in honor of Footie Pajama love, I sneaked into each of the kids rooms, turned the light on, and snapped a shot of them sleeping in their footies. 

Oops...woke Sarah up.   You'll just have to take my word that those are footies.

If anyone is interested, Sears carries boys footie pajamas up to size 12 (!).  And it has recently come to my attention that they sell adult-sized ones at Target (at least for ladies).  I guess Ben was right - anyone can wear footies.

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Sharon Kirby said...

Really? Target? I was tempted to go get some, but then I remembered that I'm in the "footies = straight jacket" crowd. I can't even wear flannel nightgowns. They get all twisted up, and I thrash around like a flounder trying to get loose. But...I like the IDEA of wearing footies!

Loved the pictures, Jennie - They were all cute, but my favorite was Abby's. That little girl is OUT like a light!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret - that "Mom worrying thing"? It never goes away...I'm still fretting over a 28 and 24 year old. And according to my mom, she still frets over a 56 year old. Once a mom, always a mom...

Sounds like "The Pain" left town - YAY!

xoxo 2 u!

Dayle said...

Jennie, I'm laughing out loud. What a fun post and so well written, but that's not a surprise. Love where you started, and where you ended up here. And I just love it when kids are so passionate about something, like the footie pajamas. As for me, I'm with you and Sharon where footies are concerned ... the straight-jacket crowd. :)

Bryan Trice said...

Hey Jennie there is nothing wrong with footies. My sister got some when she was 22 as a joke for Christmas and, well, she still wears them and she's 30.

T's Daily Treasures said...

This is great! Love that your son has a mind of his own. I wear socks when it is cold, but they always come off in the middle of the nite because then I get way too hot so footies would definitely not work for me. It's hard enough finding real pajamas around here for my 12 year old, much less footies in any size other than very, very small! :) Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

Kay K said...

So cute and the pictures are just adorable !!!

Ms.Daisy said...

Isn't it so true what lessons Mommies learn while raising their kids? Your kids seem very grounded and level-headed as well! Loved the pictures and how you told your Simple Pleasures story! Good one!


sarah said...

HI Jenny. I loved this. And Sharon's reply had me laughing. imagining her caught up in her flannel nightgown. Footies...my youngest hated them...my oldest loved them. I used to worry if she had to go to the bathroom on a camping trip..she wouldn't be able to get out of them in time. She always did. ☺

Jen said...

Your writing here is really beautiful, fresh, and funny. You know, I wonder what happens -- we are so self-confident as kids so much of the time and then we start worrying about what everyone else thinks. I've started to see a slight shift in my 6 year-old girl. Oh, to stay young, strong, and innocent forever!

Cara R. said...

SO yea I have footie pjs. They are the WARMEST thing I own. They sell them at Target. You might just have to start looking in the adult section for him if he gets much taller! Tell Ben I think he's awesome and that footie pjs are very awesome :)

Trish said...

You have beautiful kids and I'm sure they look adorable in their 'footies'! Isn't it amazing how we worry over things that are a non-issue to our children. Sometimes they are right! But I understand your misgivings completely :-) blessings..Trish

Hawklady said...

Aw, I love Ben! He's so confident for a 7 year old! He's going to be a great man one day. You should be a proud mama!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

This was such a fun post... had me laughing out loud. Oh the lessons we learn from the little ones.Sound like your raising a very self confident little man!
Have a great week-end, Annette

Denise said...

I USED to love those pj's...until menopause began to settle in and well, I just can't enjoy that pleasure anymore. However, I'm so glad your little man still loves his. Your pictures are sooooo cute!

Debbie said...

I remember the footie PJ post from last school year. It's one of my favorite posts. That Ben is amazing. SOMEONE is raising him to be a confident little man. I wonder who that someone could be?

And Denise cracks me up. I'm laughing right now thinking about that long torso in a pair of footie PJs.

Christina said...

Totally saw footies at Target...for adults! My cousin (who is 30) is dying for a pair!

Anonymous said...

I have found ladies footed pjs at kmart, sears, and walmart, also but only in the months from November to December or utill they run out.

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