A Day in the Life of Me...Mom

You watch your son completing his homework in a familiar posture and remember fondly the days when you used to do the same...back before curling up in a ball like that for any length of time launched your body into a state of rigamortis. 

Your first grader comes home from school singing, "Justin Beiber is a baby, baby, baby, ohhh!" and you can't help but laugh at the clever play on this song, by none other than the baby himself.

You say to your four year old, "Would you put these in the pantry for me, please?" And after pausing a moment to consider, she replies, "No ma'am."  At least she was polite?  (And lesson learned - do not phrase imperatives in question form.)

Upon the sight of candy your toddler does "gimme hands" and starts repeating "Pees, pees, pees."  You're convinced she's going to grow up thinking that the name for candy is "Please".

After a few moments of silence on the part of your trouble-finding toddler, you begin searching the house high and low only to find her cutely sitting among her big sister's shoes, trying them all on.  (Perhaps your own shoe obsession is in the genes?)

You're not at all surprised that one of your slightly-anal-retentive son's prevailing comments on his first church camping experience was that after he'd gotten his sleeping bag and blankets all situated, some of the other boys jumped on his bed and messed up his set-up.

In an attempt to be more thankful during the month of November (an idea he came up with all on his own), your seven year old writes you notes thanking you for various things, like letting him go camping, packing him lunches every day, and being a good mommy.  If that doesn't make your heart sing, I don't know what will.

The first time your seven year old engaged his two younger sisters in a game of ring-around-the-rosie, you were impressed by his resourcefulness and ability to keep them entertained.  Then, after repeated attempts to play on subsequent days it became clear that he was the one who really wanted to play.  He must've been waiting years for the chance.

Sometimes random snapshots captured on the kitchen floor end up being your favorite, because, really...that...this...is what life is all about.


Sharon Kirby said...

You've got an adorable bunch there! I just love your "Mom" posts. They bring back so many memories for me. I'm not going to pull the old "enjoy these days because they go so fast..." - well, actually, I guess I just did.

I agree, contortionism (Is that a word? I got the dreaded red underline do-hickey. Well, if it isn't a word, I just made it one. I like it). Anyway, contortionism (being able to bend) is wasted on the young. Just sayin'...

Nothing worse than people messing up your set-up. Nothing better than a thoughtful son.

Love the last picture - Sarah looks like a scamp! She reminds me of my youngest.

Thanks for sharing, Jennie - as always, you made me smile from ear to ear!

Hope you're feeling better - GOD BLESS!

Jennie said...

Sharon, I confess to having to look up "scamp"...and when I did, I found this:

A mischievous perhaps roguish person, especially a playful, impish youngster.

That couldn't possibly be more accurate. Sarah is, indeed, a playful little imp. :)

I feel ONE HUNDRED PERCENT better! Thank you so much - for reading and mostly for praying!

Emily said...

Jennie! I can relate to the kitchen floor picture favorites! I have several of those that I adore....but you know...I'm usually inteh kitchen, feeding SOMEone, or cooking ... so it makes sense that the kiddos congregate there :) FUN post!

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