I'm a regular joiner.

Those of you who've been around for a while might remember a list update (way too long ago) in which I mentioned that I may or may not be a part of a committee at Ben's school. Each year at the beginning of the school year, the PTO sends home a survey of sorts that gives parents the opportunity to sign up for various committees as the desire strikes.

Every year, I check "Teacher Appreciation" because if I know nothing else in this life, I know how to appreciate people and things. Teaching ranks right up there as one of life's most appreciable vocations. And I never balk at the opportunity to let teachers, especially the ones educating my own kids, know that I feel that way.

Every year I get emails requesting help for Teacher Appreciation functions, but I've never really known if I was an official member of the committee or if they just send that email out to every parent whose email address is available to the PTO.

I am happy to report that, thanks to an email from the committee chairman, I now have the answer.


So with that, I have officially joined a committee at Ben's school.  (Nice to know all of those crockpots full of chili and countless cookies weren't made in vain!  Kidding, of course.)

#2 ~ Join a committee at Ben's school [though I now realize I could have checked you months ago], consider yourself checked!

Maybe in my unemployment phase, I can check a few more of those jokers off The List.


Sharon Kirby said...

Joining a committee at your child's school - YAY! Yet another one of the joys of momhood. And, sounds like you might be able to slap that old LIST silly, too.

I'm dying to know - how did the interview go? You've got to give me some kind of update!!


Debbie said...

Having been a teacher on the appreciated end, I'm sure glad there are parents like you.

And I'm standing over here in curiosity corner with nosy Sharon. How did it go??

Denise said...

I can't think of better committee to serve on at Ben's school. Those teachers sure are lucky to have you and I'm sure they realize it. Had actually been wondering how the "list" was coming along. Doesn't it feel great to check another item off?

With the other two in the nosy corner...how'd it go?

Sherri said...

That's my favorite thing to volunteer for, too! It's a way to help out without being in your kids' faces all of the time at school. And the teachers love to be appreciated! Now that I work at the school and my kids have moved on, I get to partake in the appreciation!

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