So I'm a day late with the mom things.  Truly, is anyone surprised?  I cannot get it together these days.  Some day I'll be superwoman again.  It's not looking good for this December though. (www.sadtrombone.com?)

In the midst of my present funk, however, I can rely on my three little munchkins to make me smile.  Even through tears this morning - after a colossal waste of time at the library (which apparently didn't open until 1pm today and didn't feel the need to put up a sign indicating so to their patrons) and Walmart (who wouldn't let me pick up the site-to-store merchandise my husband ordered because he didn't list me as a verified pick-up person, despite the fact that I had the barcode in hand and my name was on the email) - those two little girls got me giggling. 

I am eternally grateful to those three little kidlings...for keeping me smiling.

And now, here are the [day-late] Mom Things:

After manufacturing stress for yourself, your four year old asks you why you're crying, so you take the easy way out and say you got pepper in your eyes.  Apparently, the fact that pepper in your eyes is painful is lost on her, and she replies, "Mommy, it's only pepper."

You reward your four year old's stellar behavior on the morning errands by letting her have two things for dessert - a cookie and a lollipop.  Not surprisingly, she chooses to enjoy both at the very same time.

Your other daughter, however, prefers to indulge on another packet of ketchup for dessert.

You didn't realize until birthing your own monkey-like children that when people use the expression "My kids are climbing the walls" that they could mean that literally.

The only evidence left behind by the kids at your Sunday School Christmas Party (thanks to their cleaning-up moms) was a pair of chalky handprints on the back porch door.  And you don't mind a bit.  Just look how cute:

Since being laid off, you can't think of a single day that didn't start and end in pajama pants (see above photo for confirmation).

You're so happy to see your girls playing so well together that you try not to think about the dangers of the fearless four year old controlling the duo-spinning on the hard kitchen tile.

You don't get many pictures of your school-going seven year old relative to the girls these days, but not surprisingly the ones that you get are of him reading a book.

You hadn't heard from your two oldest in a while so you went to check on them only to find them sneaking in a movie on the TV-on-a-cart that they'd rolled into the four year old's room.  You couldn't really stop them...just because it was so sweet.

Your toddler is not so much interested in wearing the dress-up clothes but she does enjoy taking them out of the trunk (and luckily enjoys putting them back in too).

****Have a Blessed Wednesday Thursday!****


Debbie said...

This is a sweet week. Every single picture made me smile, even the chalk hands. My favorite one is the girls playing together in the kitchen. There's nothing like a sister, and Sarah is just getting to the age for play. Those two are going to have the time of their lives for the next 70 years.

Laughing at Sarah and the dress up clothes, too. Funny, I do the same thing every time I want to dress up. I pull it all out, and well...

Sharon Kirby said...

Adorable pictures. You have the cutest kids!

And quite talented, too. I noticed how Abby was taking a drink WHILE she had the sucker still in her mouth! That takes skills - monkey skills.

Ketchup-pack sucking seems to run in my family, too. My youngest did it all the time. He still squirts the packet into his mouth before jamming in the french fries (and he's 24). I could never tell whether he had a weird dietary need for condiments, or whether it was just the sheer delight of having his older brother go, "Oh, yuck!" (I think it might have been the brother thing - it still works, even though older brother is 27!!)

As for Ben? Tell him having two sisters around the house gets worse - just ask my brother!

"Pepper tears?" - just part of Mom territory.


Emily said...

I'm totally using the "pepper tears" the next time my girls ask me that! What a great excuse!! :)

And I'm totally raising a "little Abby" monkey too...Natalie does the SAME thing on anything she can climb or hang on. Fridge, counters, tables, sofa even. Cute and scary all at the same time!

Such a fun read! :)

Denise said...

Isn't it great when they just enjoy each others company..eating, playing, reading, watching TV? I just love it.

I'm still hanging with my sisters after 50 years so your girls have a lot of time ahead of them.

And, pepper tears are great. Ranks up there with onion tears. As a menopausal age woman, I can totally use these excuses again!!

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