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Even though you know your son has a double dose of the "nerd gene", you still get a little nervous before parent-teacher conferences.

You contemplate a liquid diet for your seven year old, who seems to have forgotten how to chew with his mouth closed.  They can't smack if they drink their corn dogs through a straw....right?

It never fails, when playing school with your four year old, that you are the sole receiver of a "sad face" when it comes time to fill out the day's behavior chart.  It goes something like this, "Daddy gets a happy face.  Sarah gets a happy face.  Ben gets a happy face.  (Turning to look you directly in the eyes) Mommy, you get a sad face."  And you're fairly confident this is but a tiny glimpse of what life will be like for the duration of her tween and teen years - completely unfounded disdain for Mom.

You know with absolute certainty that your four year old will fall out of her chair at least once every meal, completely by accident.  (You're pretty sure she's destined to be the next Molly Shannon.)

A lack of toys in the beach condo is no problem for your toddler, who resorts to trying in swim diapers for entertainment.  It's only a problem when, in a bi-polar instant, she decides she doesn't want to wear them on her leg anymore and can't get them off fast enough.

And in response to the prompt for Working Mommy Wednesday today, "You Know You're Stressed When..."

You barricade yourself in the bathroom for a temporary mommy timeout, which most likely involves a good cry, only to have three small children pounding on the door within nanoseconds of you getting it locked.

You lay your head on the pillow after a completely and utterly exhausting day only to be kept awake by the running to-do list rolling through your mind like the credits on an animated movie.

You consequently keep a piece of paper next to your bedside so that you can free the to-do list from your brain.  The sad part is that it just frees the space previously occupied by those items for new ones to creep up and continue to keep you awake.

While doubling as the office receptionist you answer the phone with "Good morning" around 4pm, "Good afternoon" around 9:30am, and have called way more than your fair share of men "ma'am" and women "sir".

Despite managing to get the kids to school with all of their accouterments including blankets, lunches, homework, jackets, spare clothes, and teacher treats, you weren't even able to remember to bring your own purse to work.  And you're lucky you remembered to change out of your bedroom slippers.  (Or did you?)

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Julia said...

i can relate to every single one you listed. i'm horrible and running my to do list thru my mind as i attempt to fall asleep.

Diane said...

I still get nervous at Parent-Teacher conferences, too. Oh, and Fiona used to fall out of her chair, all the time! I really think I should just send all of her updates directly to you, so you know what to expect in four years.

hang in there, Jennie...

Natalie said...

The to-do list is gonna be the death of me...or at least my sleep! I can relate to everything you mentioned!

Thanks for linking up :)

Debbie said...

Laughing at Abby the sad face giver! That one is my favorite this week. And you're right about the teen years since the best moms usually get the sad faces.

Fortunately, the best kids always come equipped with erasers. wink.

And I love the one about forgetting your purse.
Ah yes... I remember it well...

Sharon Kirby said...

Ah, Jennie - yes, the joys of early "mom-hood!" I'm LOL at the corn dog through a straw image!! (My mind is instantly thinking of all sorts of other disgusting things to "drink" through a straw - I think I'd get a sad face for that...)

The barricaded bathroom remark - Oh yes!! I can so remember doing that - only to have little, chubby fingers come underneath the bottom of the door. "Mom, what are you doing in there?" (Out loud) "Nothing, sweetie, I'll be out in a minute" (In my head) "Is that window big enough to crawl out of???"

Hang in there, Jennie - and you SOOO make me smile :)


Gina said...

This post is great! Totally been there when I walk out the with only 1 of the 5 things I need for the day.

Angie said...

This is great. I have to go back in the house for something almost every morning. And it's definitely my to-do list keeping me up at night!

Sherri said...

Sad Face??!! Not fair! And I have to clear that to-do list from my brain, or I can't sleep. Once it's on paper, I'm good!

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