Mom Mom Bo Bomb Bananafana Fo Fomm [Things]

You are keenly aware of the fact that your four year old will feign tummy aches at dinner time if she doesn't feel like eating.  The scary part is that she's so convincing you are inclined to believe her.  So you've come up with a fail-proof test.  You offer her candy instead of dinner.  If she accepts after an instantaneous recovery, she was faking it.  (9 times out of 10.)

You get to relive all of your own childhood fears through your own kids.  Like being afraid that Tacky Day is actually tomorrow not today, and he'll be the only one at school dressed like this:

You check with other experienced parents to see if any of their kids have had the belly-button fetish and are relieved to find out many of them did.  PHEW.  Leave it to Sarah to have that "weird kid thing".  See...?

You finally discovered an animal that you are not terrified to let your children be around.

But you're a little glad even those rabbits are in a cage. (What is wrong with me?  Really.)

After years of picking on her big brother, you finally see your middle daughter get some payback - in the form of being tackled by her toddler-aged sister.  (And you kind of like it.)

After three years of rejecting your son's unceasing desire to be the Red Power Ranger for Halloween, you finally succumbed....only to find a box of muscle-clad Red Power Ranger costumes at the back of the costume store on clearance...for FIVE DOLLARS.  (Nice find, Sam!)  See...waiting paid off!

For a fleeting moment, you consider convincing the girls to be Red Rangers too.  (All because you're that cheap.)

Since seeing Toy Story, your four year old goes around saying, "Into the city!  And beyond!"  And you don't bother correcting her because, well, that's funny.

You are happy that your son is secure enough in his masculinity to take on his nay-saying friends when they ridicule him for watching Care Bear, Barbie, and Polly Pocket movies.  (But, you're pretty sure he would watch anything if it got him some more tv time.)

You have become adept at listening to two children talk at the same time, but you don't have confidence in your ability to master the art of discerning three different conversations when your toddler's talking kicks into full gear.


Sharon Kirby said...

I just got the biggest kick out of the "toddler-tackling" photo. When my sons were little, the youngest was a terror. Older brother was a sweet, caring, sensitive soul...who took the abuse. I can remember telling my oldest to fight back. He said he "didn't want to get into trouble." I reminded him that, basically, I was the referee in the house, and I was giving him permission. He then told me that he didn't like fighting. To which I quietly (not!) said, "Then shout at him - use your outside voice!"

They actually got along great, they still do.

The oldest one (at 27) - is still a sweet, caring, sensitive soul. But he's learned to stand up for himself. I think he learned it playing ice hockey. And maybe on that one penalty he got for attacking an opposing player who "cold-cocked" one of his teammates. And maybe, just a little bit, from a mom who yelled at the top of her lungs, "YAY! Go get him...that's my boy!!"

You know you're a mom when...even years later, you can still relate to those *daze* :)

Kristen said...

I loved reading this, made me smile

Debbie said...

Into the city! And beyond!!!

That's ranks up there as one of my very favorite Abbyisms. I'm still think "coity" is the queen of all time, but that one is in my top ten. close.

If you figure out what's wrong with you with the animal thing let me know. I would like a diagnosis as well. I'm not even fond of rabbits. They're kind of creepy to me.

Great score on the Power Ranger, and you do indeed gave me the snort out loud moment with the cheap comment.

Debbie said...

Just in case you don't post tomorrow...
I will be covering you in prayer for the big test. Go, Jennie Go!

I won't forget or forsake you.

And about your mom the dead chicken spotter? Oh, yes, I remember it well. It's one of my favorite flashback Friday posts of yours. I actually thought about it this year when the cotton came out.

Sharon Kirby said...

JENNIE!! I'm praying for you today. You're going to do great, I just know it!

Did you remember the sports bra?! HA!

GOD BLESS - in all you do today. Thinking of you... :)

Denise said...

Great score on the costume! It's so nice to know there are other cheap mom's out there. I used to have my girls share a McDonald's value meal and add an extra burger. (Share the large drink and fries). You can imagine how long they agreed to do that one! Great post. You made me laugh all the way through it!

I covered you in prayer ALL day yesterday. Hope the test went well.

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