Mom Things: Back from a mini-cation

While packing up to leave your vacation condo, you notice that you still have half a gallon of milk left in the fridge.  So as not to waste the precious commodity, you are able to salvage nearly all of it by filling up the stash of sippy cups you brought and fitting them into the cooler where an entire gallon of milk couldn't possibly have fit.

You subsequently brought one of those sippy cups of milk to work to use on your morning cereal.  And only realized it was weird when your boss asked you about the hot pink plastic cup sitting on your desk.

You consider going into the sand smuggling business after you put your baby in a bathing suit and take them to the beach.  They can stash at least their entire weight's worth of sand in their hiney alone.  Double it if you include the sand they manage to get in their scalp.

Forget waves and sandcastles, terrorizing chasing seagulls and sandpipers is the most entertaining part of a beach vacation...for your toddler, anyway.

You decide, in a glass is half-full kind of way, that if your toddler is going to be up all night screaming and your husband is going to be up all night throwing up, it's best that those two events happened on the same evening.  Thank you, power of positive thinking.

You love the little freckles on your kids's noses made possible by some good, long hours in the sunshine (with plenty of sunblock, don't worry).  (Feel free to click to enlarge and see for yourself.)

You feared a tiny bit for your son's fingers during a seagull feeding adventure, but he seemed to love it.  It might have been worth a nipped finger nub.

You have washed an entire load of exclusively pink (or blue) laundry.

One of your favorite hobbies is watching all of the first time (and some not-so-first-time) parents hover over their kids on the playground.  Last time, you literally saw a dad sprinting to catch his kid at the bottom of a three foot slide.  It was great.

More than half of the beach towels you use for your kids have hoods in the shape of some cute little character...among those in the collection; a frog, a lion, a princess, a bunny, and what can only be described as an alien.

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Minivan Mommy said...

How do scalps hold so much sand? You would think with gravity and all it would just fall off, right? Not. at. all.

And the first time parents at the park are priceless. There was one at the park with us this afternoon and I was watching her and hoping I never looked like that!

Kat said...

Love watching parents at the park.

Kristen said...

there's a lot of truth in those sippy cups

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