Afternoon Chocolate

Almost as much as I enjoy a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I like to treat myself to a single piece of chocolate every day around 2pm.  I could call it dessert, but it's long enough after lunch that it feels like some sort of forbidden indulgence.  And I so look forward to it.  (Yes.  Every single day.  Don't tell my boot camp instructor.)

It doesn't matter much to me what form it comes in, be it a Hershey kiss, a Dove promise, a piece of candy more than a few months old that one of the kids got at school and I salvaged from under the seats of the van...I'm not picky.  The other day, I pulled out a solitary Hershey bliss for my afternoon treat.  I carefully unwrapped the goody pondering how many bites I could possibly get out of the tiny square of chocolate.

I threw the foil wrapper away and glanced at the chocolate.  It didn't require close scrutiny to notice something wasn't right.

What you see there are the unmistakable, tiny bite marks of a seventeen month old who visited my office a few days before and evidently decided to help herself to some of my chocolate stash located in one of the lowest drawers of my desk, perfectly accessible to little people.

I laughed as I remembered prying the candy from her mouth and throwing it back into my desk drawer with a stern "No, no, Sarah!", obviously not taking note of the damage she'd done to it.

My simple pleasure this week is the indulgence in a solitary piece of chocolate in the afternoon.

And apparently, it's Sarah's simple pleasure too.

Enjoy many, many more Simple Pleasures today at Dayle's Simple Pleasure party.

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Dayle said...

You made me laugh out loud, Jennie. It was that under-the-van-seat that did it. LOL!

Love how you add a little sparkle to the party, every time you're able to join us. And chocolate is certainly one of my favorite simple pleasures, often done in secret, I might add. ;)

Cindy aka Sunshine said...

This is funny. I love the fact that you allow yourself this indulgence, and it would definitely be a simple pleasure for me.

Hope your having a awesome day.

Debbie said...

I'm just overjoyed by this one, Jennie. I literally did laugh out loud when I realized the owner of the teeth marks. And then the picture at the end just capped it off.

Now, one thing.
If I read this correctly, you can manage to have just ONE piece of chocolate at a time. Just ONE?

Well, looky there. I finally found a way that you and I are different. I've never been able to have ONE piece of anything.

Well, maybe green beans.

Trish said...

Haha!! That is so sweet! Lovely joyful simple pleasure-that I can really relate to ;-) Thanks for the giggle today! blessings..Trish

Jennie said...

It's my daily exercise in willpower! (Then I wash it down with some coffee and come home and eat some potato chips. I would hardly call it a strength of character or anything.)

There's more to the story though...

Sam was sitting at the computer tonight reading this post. Sarah walked by and spotted the picture of the chocolate. She was so excited and kept trying to grab it off the screen. "Eat! Eat!" Oh Sarah...haha! She gets it honestly...

Sharon Kirby said...

Jennie - too, too cute!! I'm with Debbie, though - ONE piece of chocolate? That's like ONE pair of shoes...

By the way, in the last picture Sarah is toting around MY personal favorite piece of chocolate - I LOVE tootsie rolls!! Evidently, Sarah is a girl after my own heart.

Here's to life's simple pleasures - including the smile you put on my face, courtesy of one 17-month-old girl with a sweet tooth!

Susan DiMickele said...

I am totally with you on the 2pm chocolate. My kids find it in my purse. I haven't found bite marks --b/c they usually eat the whole thing.

Have a good weekend!

Kay K said...

Oh how I love this simple pleasure !!! I had a nice laugh ~~~~kids~~~~~
Thanks for sharing

elizabeth said...

Love it! She's a cutie pie too!
Thanks so much for your kind comments over at my place.

Audra said...

What willpower you have! Haha! I try to have just one piece but that never happens.

Sarah is just precious!

Jen said...

I just want to thank you for the sweet comment you left me at Finding Heaven. And, I love this post -- such a sweet reminder of how little ones really do leave imprints on our lives. Ha!

Michelle said...

That is a great picture of your little one! following in your footsteps :)

CindyC said...

Your little girl is the same age as mine (within a few weeks). I shared a chocolate cookie with my girl this afternoon. I ate about 70% and she ate the rest. With a grin on her little slobbery face. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.... I just hope my face isn't as slobbery as hers. :)

Denise said...

I'm with you on this post...chocolate is the BEST! I, however, cannot eat just one. For my surprise 50th birthday this summer, the guests were asked to bring me a chocolate treat instead of a gag gift. It was the best birthday ever. (I received so much chocolate I had to freeze it).

Joan said...

This is precious, Jennie. Yes, I would say chocolate is a simple pleasure for Sarah.


sarah said...

My Sarah was here reading this post with me. We both laughed

Ms.Daisy said...

This is just too cute! The teeth marks in the chocolate did me in! Your little one is a d o r a b l e! Just a few months younger than my sweet grandbaby girl. Thanks for sharing your Simple Pleasure with us.


Christine said...

What a great idea to eat chocolate everyday. I might have to try that. Just one piece.
Sounds like Sarah is like her mother!

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