Tell-tale Mom Things (Please tell me I'm not alone)

You have had to start patting your child down before you drop her off at Sunday School after she somehow managed to smuggle a pushpin and a pink highlighter in on consecutive Sundays.  And you have to wonder, where is she hiding that stuff?  In her underwear?

You immediately regret purchasing those plastic, light-up princess shoes because you know full well your three year old will never want to wear another pair of shoes again.

Sometimes you feel a little guilty for those white lies you tell your kids.  For instance, for four years running you have been able to convince your son that they didn't have a Power Rangers costume in his size.  (But really, he'll thank you later.  At least this is what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night.)

You've watched your son invent a musical instrument using nothing but a rubber band and his little sister's tricycle.  Then you took a picture of it.

It doesn't surprise you at all to see this in the playroom:
Leave it to your creative three year old to make a bed out of a flip flop and a blanket out of a torn piece of notebook paper.  Who says kids need fancy, expensive toys?

You absolutely love when your fourteen month old wraps her arms around your neck and gives you the biggest, strongest squeeze you ever imagined possible from a tiny, little girl.  What you don't love quite as much is when, a few seconds into that oh-so-sweet hug, she bites you with those razor sharp teeth right on the shoulder. 

When you decide to go on a beach vacation five hours from home with a one month old and you fail to pack a bouncer or swing, you have to get creative.  Believe it or not - this worked (kudos, Sam - I knew I married you for a reason):

You know they were just the ringbearer and flower girl, but seeing them dressed up (and gorgeous) gave you anxiety because as fast as their first few years flew by, you know you'll practically be marrying them off for real like...tomorrow.  *sniffle*

Standing in the school supply aisle excites you - way more than it excites your child.  And despite the explicit directions on the school supply list, you desperately want to splurge and get the 64-box of Crayolas that you never had but always wanted back when you were going into first grade.

Despite the fact that you don't really do birthday parties and you aren't exactly craftsy, you begin researching birthday party themes and possible favors/decorations/games months in advance.  You call it a [Pinkalicious] daydream.
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Sherri said...

This is great! While I was reading it, I was thinking that you were doing one of my favorite blog hop things...you should link it up! It's "You Know You're a Mom When-sdaze" at
Very cute post, love the little wedding clothes! And I LOVE shopping for new school stuff, always want the big box of crayons!

Graceful said...

This is so super cute. That photo of the baby snoozing on the washer...priceless!

newmommy said...

I really laughed out loud at some of those lol That was a great topic!

Debbie said...

The flip flop bed gets the big blue ribbon this week! I am so glad you took a picture of that. The little doll probably had a good little nap and fell asleep to the sound of a lullabye plucked out on a tricycle.

No one will ever say, "Jennie and Sam never fostered imagination in their kids." Not a chance.

Hope the crayons had that handy dandy sharpener in the back. I always loved that kind.

Ali said...

Love the picture of your baby and the washer!

Denise said...

I don't suppose the baby on the washer gave any ideas for the doll on the flipflop. Your children are most resourceful, like their parents. I always love what you have to say.

Kirsten said...

Love it!

Laura said...

I LOVED this! My first son had colic, and he slept most of the first three months on the dryer in an infant seat. He loved it!

So glad you came to visit me. And can I come to breakfast at your house on Saturdays?

Arizona Mamma said...

I loved this whole post! We are (or at least am all about flip flops here. Addyson has the exact same light up ones. But hers are too small now, so she has moved on to a non light up pair.

The dryer bed is hilarious! Did you have it going? So funny what we do to get our kids to sleep. I remember I used to use an electric toothbrush to get Addyson to go to sleep.

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