Dusting off some cobwebs

Does anyone remember that 101 list thing?

Oh good...I'm not the only one who has all but forgotten.  It's not that I've been purposefully neglectful, but this pesky old living life with three kids thing is really cramping my task-accomplishing style.  And while that probably sounds like a complaint, it most assuredly is not one.

At any rate, I whipped the old list out last night and gave it a gander.  Lo and behold!  I've accomplished two tasks without even stopping to take note of it.

#37 Make it to church AND Sunday School for an entire month in a row.

At the beginning of the summer, Sam and I began teaching a four year old Sunday School class - for the summer.  When the school year rolled around, we agreed to teach for the upcoming year.  So, thanks mostly to this, we've been at both hours of church every Sunday since our last trip to Maryland over the July 4th weekend.  That makes six weeks with no anticipated end in sight.  The kids are awesome, and the no-excuse-but-to-get-up-out-of-bed thing has been an unanticipated perk!  Needless to say, we're in the groove now.

#77 Patronize the local bookstore.

At the end of June, my oldest best friend and her brand new husband embarked on a honeymoon tour of the South.  By crazy happenstance, their travels brought them within a mile or so of our house and, so, we made plans for a (way too) brief visit with them.  I came up with the brilliant plan (the morning of) to compile a Georgia-themed gift basket for them.  What can I say?  I'm a procrastinator.  I got the usual things:  peanuts, pecans, Braswell's Vidalia onion steak sauce, and Braswell's Pepper Jelly (okay, that one as a little unusual).  Then, I popped into the local used bookstore (that just so happens to be owned an operated by a fellow Mercer alumnus), where I purchased copies of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, The Color Purple, and Ferrol Sams' Run with the Horsemen.  Gone with the Wind would be the obvious choice, but I'd already given that to her years ago.  At any rate, I consider myself a patron now.  And I will most definitely be back...considering Sam got me a gift card for there for our anniversary in January and I have yet to spend it.

So those are the two "Checked" items on the list, bringing me to a total of 30 items completed.

Other items in progress:

#3 - Write my will.  I've purchased the documents, but have yet to complete them.  This is a big priority for me!

#4 - Vote in all city and county elections.  Ben accompanied me to the polls for the primary and runoff elections for our governor and local positions.

#5 - Take the Professional Engineer Exam.  I'm signed up to take the exam on October 29th.  Happy Halloween to me?  Guess I need to crack a few books sooner than later in prep for this beast.

#25 - Drink nothing but water for a week.  I began TODAY.  This one is huge for me.  I'm a caffeine addict in the worst way, be it in the form of sweet tea or coffee (or hot chocolate or the very occasional soda).  I'm 3 hours into my work day and surviving thus far.  Is it cheating to drink the milk out of cereal?  Because I totally did that.  My motivation on this one is to make healthier choices in hopes of whittling my waistline.  I have been on an upward trend this summer, with no beach trip to keep me motivated to look good in a suit (yes, I'm that shallow) coupled with unbearable temperatures for exercising outdoors.  (Excuses, excuses.)  At any rate, I'm hoping this helps.  And it can't hurt.  Plus, the last day of my week is my birthday and I'm totally giving myself a cup of coffee as my reward for making it.  It doesn't take a lot to motivate me.

#54 - (With Julie's help) Send my parents on a bombin' retirement trip.  I had big plans for this one.  Julie was thinking some place tropical.  I was thinking someplace rocky (like Salt Lake City).  My dad wanted nothing more than to go to Gettysburg and learn even more than he already does about the Civil War.  I don't really "get" the history buff thing, but that's my dad.  So we hooked them up with a giftcard for a sweet B&B in Gettysburg, PA to be redeemed whenever they decide, but since they have yet to actually  on the trip, I refuse to mark it off. 

#55 - Read the entire classic works of Dr. Seuss to my kids.  (49/63)  My next order of business is to request the remainder on interlibrary loan.  I'm pretty sure our local branches don't have the more obscure titles (nor do the book stores). 

#74 - Read 10 new (grown-up) books. (1/10)  I used to be an avid reader.  Now I have kids, and there just isn't time.  But, I still devour a book when given the opportunity.  Unfortunately, the opportunities are few and far between, and not nearly long enough.  Right now, I have not one, not two, but three books that have been half-devoured and left unfinished - Bleachers, Understanding Exposure, and Chasing Superwoman.

There are other list items in progress, but those are the few I've chosen to update you on.  Consider this your (excessively long) Status Memo.  I'm sure you've all been wondering how the list is going.  Right?  I knew it.

And if you find it in your heart, I can use all the luck, encouragement, and good vibes for getting through the week sans coffee.  Thanks a bunch!


CLewis said...

Good for you for getting back at it! I know for myself if I decide to tackle something and put it off for awhile it is easy for me to leave it and never look back. You can do it, you have made quite a dent already:)

Denise said...

I was wondering just the other day how you were coming on the 101 list. (really I was) Since I know you're a serious list maker, I figured you were toiling away. (I was right, of course). Thanks for the update. I think you're doing fabulous.
From one list-maker to another...keep up the good work and keep us (me) posted on the progress.

Diane said...

well done, Jennie!

just a thought... why not combine two items and order the rest of your Dr. Seuss books from the local bookstore? I'm sure they'd be happy to order them for you...

I'm still going on the 101 list... but am updating quietly and secretly. I like your way better.

Debbie said...

Debbie mutters... I was kind of hoping she wouldn't remind me about 101 lists...

Woohooo for YOU though! Those really are great accomplishments. I love the idea of the Georgia themed basket, and the fact that it got you in the door of the local bookstore was an added bonus for you.

BTW, The upcoming Mercerian loathed The Whisper of the River. (sorry... refuse to put quotes around a book title and can't figure out how to mark it appropriately in a comment. Felt the need to say that. ) Apparently, that's blasphemy, but she did. She thinks Porter Osbourne, Jr. is a jerk.


And then there's this: I would never... ever...put your #25 on a list of mine. Not a chance.

Lorilynne said...

Have you checked half.com for the more obscure Suess books? I always have pretty good luck finding the odd book there.

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