Simple Pleasures: Night Running

I'm trying to get back on the running wagon. I fell off around mid-May and I have the waistline, thighs, and general malaise to prove it.  Running is my favorite exercise because it provides the maximum efficiency - the biggest results in the least amount of time.  It helps me sleep better.  It lets me not feel [as] guilty about that delicious piece of gooey butter cake I ate for breakfast...and again for dessert after dinner.  It gives me the aches and pains that let me know my body is getting stronger and faster.  It enables me to clear my mind, to just count my steps, to pray, to listen.

With three kids, a full-time job, and a household to run there's simply not a lot of time for exercise.  The no-brainer solution would be to do it before the kids wake up and before the husband goes to work.  That sounds reasonable...except that he goes to work before the roosters crow.  I'm talking before 5am.  I'm pretty sure that hour is unfit for human activity of most kinds, but especially exercising.  That leaves my lunch hour, which is too short and too sweaty, or after the kids (and generally the husband) are asleep.  I choose the latter.  It's still sweaty, but it's one of the only times I don't feel pulled in a million different directions.  It's just me and the pavement.  It's my shadow under the safe security of our suburban streetlights. 

Plus, there's no one around at that hour to hear how badly I'm huffing and puffing. 

(...until I pulled out the camera to take this picture.  My neighbor just so happened to be outside while I was rolling around in the muddy gutter.  I can only imagine what she must be thinking.  Perhaps I should clue her into my blog?)

I realize that my safe, street-lit security is a blessing in and of itself and I don't mean to take it for granted. But boy, am I going to soak it up while I have the chance.

This - running at night - is my simple pleasure.

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Dayle said...

Jennie, I get such joy in seeing what unique simple pleasures show up each week. This is a wonderful one... and kudos to you for getting out there and doing it! And by all means, clue that neighbor in on your blog! LOL

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wonderful! I couldn't run for the life of me but I do love walking. I need so bad to get back into it as I gained about 10 pounds while in the States this summer. I can feel it spread all over and doesn't make me very happy at the moment. But the temps here are unbearable and the humidity has been high most days. I'll just have to push myself to get out there at some point. Thanks for the inspiration. Best wishes, Tammy

sarah said...

I've sort of slacked off running too and really miss it but the heat has forced me to stay in the a/c. Love that street shot. Stay safe out there...

Debbie said...

Believe it or not,I used to be a big runner. It was the first shared activity that I had with the husband. I slacked when the girls were little. He was out of town, and I couldn't figure out how to get it done. I have only tried to get the groove a few times since. I used to LOVE it.

Whatever you do, don't lose the groove!

(And I laughed about the neighbor. Maybe someone should sell a button that says, "Don't mind me. I'm just a blogger.")

Diane said...

well done! If you don't have one already, please get a running headlamp. It's a really good idea, no matter how safe and well-lit your streets are! Here's an example (you can also find them at REI or Target)


Christine said...

Running is a simple way of exercising and you do get fast results.
I have a suggestion for you, run down the middle of the street. That way, if by chance, someone is there, you have the choice to run to either side. Just another saftey precaution.
You go girl!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Jennie - I wish I could say it was my simple pleasure, but it's not.

BUT I want to compliment you for running at night after everyone is in bed. That takes tremedous will power. YOU GO GIRL!

Hey - you live in central GA? I live 30 miles north of Atlanta.


Cindy said...

Wow you are one dedicated woman. I use to run, but with my knees the way they are now, I just walk. Granted it is usually speed walking. Kudos to you on squeezing your time in even if it after dark. :) I never thought of exercise as a simple pleasure but it really is.


elizabeth said...

So fun to meet new people online through these links! This is my first "Simple Pleasures" post. Thanks for the kind blog comments!


dee dee said...

Way to be a runner! If I'm running it's only because I'm being chased! I just love your photo, thanks for braving the mud to get it just right!
Dee Dee

Mevely317 said...

I'm trying to recall the last time I ran ...LOL!
Seriously, I love this idea of exercising to the moon and stars ... not a lot of people who stare. Great idea!

Ms.Daisy said...

Great Simple Pleasure! I really should get out and start walking again...as soon as the weather cooperates!


Sherri said...

OK, you may be my new hero! I have been and off and on runner over the past 10 years or so (more off than on), and it's getting harder to try and start up again. But I agree that it's such a great exercise, and I feel SO much better afterwards!

Go for it!

Denise said...

It is amazing that you even HAVE enough energy to run at the end of the day. So proud of you. Me? Never been a runner. (Except when we were young and dad would host a "See who can run the longest" game on summer evenings for the neighborhood. I didn't like running, but I really didn't like loosing. HAHA)

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