She has the patience of her mother.

It's true that pictures are worth a thousand words.  The pictures might not be photographs, but they could be.

For instance, when I see these pictures of my Abby, it seems it would be possible to learn everything there is to know about her, even if I didn't know her like the back of my hand.  Whatever conclusions you might draw from viewing these select photos - they're probably true.

She's sunshine, mischief, sensitivity, and fun all wrapped up in a single package.  She's simply Abby.  And sometimes there aren't enough words to be able to describe someone.  This hold true for my precious, spirited middle child.

Sometimes, though, a picture in the form of artwork sums up a child just as well as a snapshot - as perfectly exemplified by a frog that Abby colored in school this week.

You can only contain her in the coloring realm for as long as she determines.  After that it's "I'd rather be jumping off of/swinging on/running around something.  Let's get this over with."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my Abby.  In a nutshell. 


Valerie M. said...

Pictures and stories about Abby make my day.

Debbie said...

Absolutely adorable.

That second one is my all time favorite Abby picture, I think.

And the frog is so funny. She carefully colors the head and back,and then... She's outta there. She probably heard a bird chirp or something. So funny!

Anonymous said...

Even know I didn't have Abby for very long in my class I have to say I fell hard for her. Maybe she tripped me I don't know but I'm glad either way! Abby is one of my favorites, a one of a kind and I love her. The good and the bad, anyway I can get her, I'll take her!
Mrs. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I do believe life has a special journey for our Abba-dabba-do. I just hope I get to go along. She is sunshine and showers, but there is always a rainbow in Abby's world. I adore her from the top of her shiny blond head to the tip of her "polished pink" toenails. Everyday with Abby is like getting a present. xoxoxo Love, Grammie

Debbie said...

I sure hope you're having a good time wherever you are, Missy... I've had to trapse all over blogland to find some cute kid substitutes to stalk in your absence. Pitiful, isn't it?

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