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You can feel yourself becoming one of those moms whose children are lightyears ahead of them in tech savvy.  Especially when your six year old son proclaims from the backseat of the van that he fixed the DVD player that you previously couldn't even get to turn on.  (In your defense, he also had the instructions, to which he gladly resorted.)

Each day your ears hear no less than 849 questions.  True story.  You counted.  (But not really.)  Sadly for you, the number you are actually able to answer with absolute certainty is somewhere around eleven.

Thanks to a Blistex incident that involved two carseat armrests and the employee of an entire wipes container worth of wipes in the daycare parking lot, you have been forced to keep all lip care products under lock and key.  (But your three year old does have the best looking, most kissable lips in town.)

Your 14 month old will happily identify any and all birds in sight with a pointed finger and an enthusiastic, "Bird!", but ask her where Mommy is and she all but snubs you.

Your three year old is more popular at daycare than you ever were in high school.  She can't make it from one end of the hallway to the other without stopping to dole out hugs, high fives, and waves to someone in every classroom.  (And secretly, it makes you kind of proud.)

You signed your kids up for the summer reading program because you knew they'd read enough to earn the free book.  What you didn't know is that between the two of them they would earn seven kids meals at various restaurants around town.  Just another reason you love the public library (and your read-aholic kids).

You've had this conversation:
Kid:  Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
You:  Yes?
Kid:  (pause)  I need to ask you a question.
You:  What's the question?
Kid:  (really long pause)  Umm.  I love you?
You:  I love you too.  Now go back to bed.

Since he's spending the week with you at the office, you put your six year old to work stapling, three-ring hole punching, and collating.  After a morning of that, he declares, "This is fun!  I want my job to be just like this."  So there you have it.  Your son is destined for a life of clerical work.

The fact that your girls are most often described as "spicy" and "spirited" by those who love them makes you smile.  Truer words have never been spoken.  (Just look at them.)

You now know that you cannot hold a one year old and a to-go cup with a straw in the same hand, unless your objective is to have your one year old suck the cup dry of whatever was in it that you were planning to take with you.

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P.S. - If anyone is wondering from my post last Friday, the mouse batteries are still kicking it.  See, I told you.  I'm not crazy.  (Okay, just a little.)


Ali said...

LOVE the one about your 3 yr old being more popular. For me that is SO SO SO true, everyone knows my kid (and likes him!)

Julie said...

These are hilarious and I relate to almost all of them!!

Hey...my son want to be a pretzel maker at Wetzel Pretzel...I'd be happy with clerical work! ha ha

And what is it about "our" drinks that are so enticing?

Arizona Mamma said...

Spicy? Is that what it's called? I suppose that makes sense, currently I am thinking my daughter is devoid of any sugar, and is all spice.

Julie said...

Hey...I just read your comment on Arizona Mamma's post....Thankyou! Now I know I am not alone in the one time transfer! ha ha

I guess it wouldn't be as difficult if I wouldn't stuff so much into the washer in the first place!

newmommy said...

That was really cute! Your childern are adorable. I really get the 849 questions...my step son is 6. After about the 100th question I start saying I dont know and then I get asked, Dont you know anything? Love your blog!

Sherri said...

Oh, SO many question!! And yes, I can only answer but a few...especially as the questions keep getting harder and harder!!

I love "spicy"...is this the new term for "high-spirited"? Your girls are adorable! Lip care products ARE very enticing....

sheila said...

WONDERFUL post! Thoroughly enjoyable! I love the "question"...brings back so many memories~ !!

THanks for a really wonderful post!

Debbie said...

Grinned from beginning to end as usual. The conversation one makes me misty. I miss that conversation.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You made my day!! I miss those babies so much. I am ready for some stories of my own. Ben and Abby stories have been my students' favorite part of the day for several years now. I need some Sarah input for sure!! I believe she may be following Abby's "spicy" footsteps. Got to love life's best moments with children. :-)

A laughing Anonymous Grammie

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