Mom Things (on no sleep - this should be a real treat)

What is it like to drive 764 miles overnight with a husband who turns violently ill at the halfway point?  Oh oh, pick me!  I can tell you!  It's bad.  Very bad.  (Mostly for him.  Poor guy.)  My hero of a husband, who was so determined to get home, even took a turn at the wheel between queasy spells to let me grab a nap after the sun had risen and my eyelids wanted nothing more than to set.  A trip to the ER, an IV of fluids, a dose of Zofran, and a to-go cup of water (oh yes,  a dead car battery and a teary Jennie at 3:45am) later, he is feeling much better.  Not perfect, but better.

It was just like having a little one sick.  I felt so very helpless.  (Lesson learned though...next time, I'll know to be meaner about getting fluids in him.)

So that's where I've been.  At least for the last 36ish hours. 

Now I'm back.  (Phew.)

And without further ado, I give you today's installment of "How to Know You're a Mom-isms" -

You've questioned your decision to let your toddler play with the old remotes and cell phones.  It's hard explaining to a 13 month old which ones are for playing with and which ones are still functional (so keep your greasy paws off).

Maybe you were wrong when you insisted kids aren't like dogs.  After all, your 13 month old keeps the floor clear of crumbs (no matter how old and/or inedible) and trees you at the first sight of food, begging for a taste and hoping you drop some.

Speaking of things inedible, you've learned that the strangest things can be choking hazards.  Like nerf balls.  Who knew?

And speaking of kids kind of being like dogs, you've discovered that, sometimes, they use the same modes of transportation.  They are about the same height as each other.

You were absolutely thrilled to discover that all it took for your daughter to outgrow her vehement fear of all-things-fireworks was the passing of a year.  In 2010, instead of cowering in fear at the booming of fireworks and light spraying from sparklers, she happily commentated and participated.  Your baby is growing up.

You play a version of "Where's Waldo?" with your kids' security blanket/beloved piggy/random object required for sleeping when looking at your family photos.  The things seem to always be present somewhere.

You've learned that there is a fine line between tired and overly tired.  And you also have learned that you do not want to cross it if you wish you get your kids to bed in an easy and timely manner.

Your son reacts to an empty stomach and lack of sleep in the same way you do - by turning into his own version of Mr. Hyde.  Not typically the type of situation where you'd want to proclaim, "That's my boy!"...but you totally could.

Thanks to generous pediatrician offices & haircutters and their free lollipops, you have to keep an extra close eye on your candy-loving three year old in bulk sections of grocery stores.  "No, no, Abby.  We have to buy those.  (So put it back.)"

You have learned that not all kids will sleep in their carseats.  And on the rare occasions that they do, you must drive without accelerating or braking.  Pesky actions like those only seem to wake them up.

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Crystal said...

Yes! The carseat sleep is so true. Except when you don't want them to sleep becuase you know the 3 minute power nap will then wipe out the 2 hour afternoon nap, yet that is when they choose to fall into a death-like trance yet they are wired on babybottlecrack when it's 3 AM on a long road trip.

Phew. I'll stop now. This just happened today.

Amy said...

Wow! That sounds like quite the drive! I can't even begin to imagine...

Great list, though! I often think my kids are pretty similar to dogs...

Debbie said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you made it... poor Sam!

As usual, I smiled with pure delight at your Mom Things. This week, I crown the incredible edible nerf ball as my favorite.

Arizona Mamma said...

Ugh! What a trip!!! Poor guy.

But I am near crying over the nerf ball :)

Carrie said...

I always enjoy every last drop of Mom Things! It's always so good! I love the doggy-door photo - that is such a great shot!

Sherri said...

I'd have to agree on the kids and dogs thing....especially the begging for food. My son (who is 16) does the begging quite well when something containing sugar and/or caffeine is involved.

Came over for a visit from the link up!

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