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What better way to stay motivated than to post to the entire interweb that I intend to do something INCREDIBLE in the month of April?  Call it an April Resolution, if you want to, since those January/New Year's things don't really work, but this is the goal:  to exercise every single day in the month of April.

After having a good bit of success with dropping some pounds back in November and December, I have allowed my eating habits to maintain a holiday pace, and have (of course) packed some of those pounds back on.  If you know me at all, you know that my sun rises and sets on food.  I realize that this is not a healthy mindset, but it is who I am.  It's been me for 26 years now.  So that's something that will be very hard to undo.  To be honest, I'm not really even sure that I want to.  I've always kind of felt that exercising was my excuse to eat those foods that I love so dearly.  The problem is that my daily life no longer includes this exercise of which I speak and on which I rely.  So, it's time to change that.  (Especially with summer and bathing suit weather being just around the corner.)

I should tell you that I try not to let the list consume me, but I do tend to keep it in the back of my mind at most times.  There are any number of list items that would help me drop some pounds:

1. Get up when Sam gets up for one month. (0/31) -  If I woke up that early, I would definitely have time for exercise.

25. Drink nothing but water for a week. - As I sit in my office drinking some super-sugary from-a-can cappuccino beverage...  I've progressed leaps and bounds from what I used to be, that is a coke addict (Coca-cola, of course), but I've clearly made up for those missing calories with other things...like cookies.

26. Cook a vegetarian meal. - This would be especially beneficial if incorporated into our menu, say, weekly.

28. Complete a 30 Day Challenge on EA Active. (0/30)  - Okay, to be honest, this is an okay workout, but I'm not sure how well it will help me "lose weight".  It couldn't hurt though.  My problem with this one is that I have trouble sticking with *anything* for 30 days.

30. Play tennis with Sam at least ten times, no matter how horribly he kicks my tail.(0/10)  - I'm ashamed to admit that we haven't done this once in the six months I've been trying to complete list tasks.  I'm also ashamed to admit that I am one of those people who used to scoff at tennis as a "fake" sport.  Then I tried it, and holy cow, it's hard. 

Of course, all of these would help to achieve the following:

27. Reach two new "tens-places" in my weight.  (For instance, if I start at 480lbs, I need to get to 460.)

45. Fit into or give away all of the clothes in my closet.  

And as a progression on 24. Run a 5K., I have decided to sign up for a 10K.  Running is like crack - in a slightly more healthy, but just as demented way.  (And since I can convince myself of anything, I have already talked myself out of the 10K that the local mall is hosting in August.  I mean, seriously, is it even safe to run 10K in August in Georgia?  That sounds like suicide.)

If I weren't so chicken (and embarrassed to admit it), I would post my starting weight here.  But I am, so I won't.  Let's just say, it's a bigger number than it should be.  Let me also say that I don't hate my body, especially after all that it's been through in the past seven years.  I just know it can be better than it is.  I know I can be healthier than I am.  So, here's hoping that a small lifestyle change can make a small difference (or more optimistically, a big difference!).

So this is it.  April 1st.  And as much as I would like to say "April Fools! HAHAHA.  I can't believe you fell for that!", I am actually embarking on a 30 day commitment to exercise.

Thanks for the support!  And as always, thanks for reading!


Diane said...

Jennie, try setting up an account at www.sparkpeople.com. It's a good way to track your exercise goals online. I use it when I'm really trying to lose weight because it keeps me honest!

Debbie said...

Very ambitious, actually, when you are trying to raise a family with little ones!

Good luck.

I think you can... I think you can... I think you can...

CLewis said...

I too use sparkpeople.com and highly recommend it. Well, I was using it before I got pregnant and plan to return after baby:) It really is a great place to not only track nutrition and fitness but to get support if that's what you are looking for.

Good luck with your goals, YOU CAN DO IT!!

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