Flashback Friday - lower back pain

This week, in the midst of my quest to work out for 30 straight days, my back started hurting.  It might be a result of one of the exercises I have done.  It is more likely related to an unfortunate incident we had while building our new backyard playground, involving a not-so-smart attempt on my part to catch a giant piece of playground as it careened towards the ground.  I'm lucky I didn't seriously injure myself as my wrist got pinned between two 4x4's.  After a heroic rescue by a swift-moving, fast-thinking husband, I walked away with nothing more than a few pinch marks from a watch (which I believe saved my wrist) and a gigundo bruise above my right knee.

Oh yeah, and the back pain.  I try not to complain about things like this because, really, I know so many others have real, legitimate problems, and I don't like to be a whiny brat.  It's just that...it feels exactly like I am in my 8th month of pregnancy with the shooting sciatica pain going down my left leg when I move certain ways. 

I'm intimately familiar with this pain because one year ago I looked like this (warning - it's not pretty):

I like to think the belly has gotten a little smaller since then (but, unfortunately, I still have that same stupid expression on my face most of the time).

My back hurt (especially in this picture, as we'd just finished a 12-hour drive to Maryland in my 8th month of pregnancy).  And it hurt earlier and more intensely with each progressive pregnancy.

So here I am today, most assuredly not pregnant with a similar back pain and I couldn't help but think, "Well shoot.  If my back's going to hurt anyway, let's just have another baby."

Then I laughed really, REALLY hard.

And that, friends, is your Friday afternoon joke.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Monica said...

You are too funny!! I get the biggest kicks out of your status's !! Hope you start feeling better soon!! It's a good thing Sam was there to help you!! BTW, you looked great pregnant!!

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