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While cleaning up one day, it makes you simultaneously smile and shudder when you discover that one of your three year old's dolls now has pink painted toenails.  Cute idea, but where-oh-where is the rest of the nail polish mess?

You know that when your little one looks at you and says, "I'm dirty", she's not propositioning you.  That's preschooler speak for, "I want to take a bath."

When the kids visit you at the office, they pass right by your desk and head for the chocolate stash in the back room filing cabinet.  Hey children, it's nice to see you too.

Playground slides seem a lot steeper these days.  Or at least they do now that it's your fragile offspring preparing to fly down one headfirst.

As sweet as it is that your kids want to bring you flowers, you're having a hard time driving home the point that it is wrong to pluck them out of gardens without permission.

If you ever need help finding a mud puddle, just put on your child's brand new pair of white shoes.  It's like a moth to light.

You told your three year old she was too young to wear makeup.  But you *didn't* tell her she was too young to use her markers...on her face.  (Hey, she gets a few points for creativity.)

Even though he was playing outfield, you were proud of your son when he ran all the way in for every single infield hit in his first t-ball game because that means he was at least paying attention, right?  (There he is on the right, still jogging in from center field.)

Under no circumstances should a six year old be given a roll of scotch tape and left unsupervised, unless, of course, your goal is to need to add scotch tape to your shopping list.

You've gotten pretty good at calling your kids' bluffs.  For instance:
You:  Did you put the tops back on your markers when you were finished with them?
Kid:  Yes.
You:  So if I walk back to your room and look at your markers, all of the tops will be on them?
Kid:  Yes.
You:  Okay.  (start walking towards the bedroom)
Kid:  Wait!!!  Let me go check.
You:  Ummm hmmmm.  That's what I thought.


Anonymous said...

It is the truth!

Emily said...

You are right on ... on all those points! So funny!

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