State of the Mom-ion

You absolutely love seeing your precious girls walk side-by-side to their room with their arms around each others' waists when Abby gets home from school, as if they waited all day long just to play together.

One of their favorite games is for Sarah to be the puppy and Abby to be the "master".   When Abby tells the puppy to "Go to your cave", she listens.  If only I wielded that kind of power over the little pup.

While unloading the dishwasher with her little sister your five year old started chanting "Unc-uh-see-us", as if it meant something.  When I inquired as to the meaning she said, "It means I'm doing all of the work by Spanish."

When your eight year old checked out seven ginormous non-fiction books from the library you were filled with mixed emotions.  It's awesome, but at the same time, this means you are subject to an endless stream of facts from books like Science Year by Year and Weird but True.

Your two year old got the ball rolling as the carrier of the winter cough this year.  As soon as she got over it, the other two kids contracted it.  The problem is, she still wants in on the medicine action.  You're praying she just likes the flavor and this is not indicative of any future drug problems.

As your eight year old watched your husband masterfully jump, slide, and fly Mario through one of the Super Mario Wii worlds, he commented at the end, "Wow.  That was lucky."  Completely diminishing any and all skill involved.  Hahahahaha.

When you look at this picture, you see lots of things:  the love between two hands-on sisters, the dresses that they procured from the top bar of the closet (how they accomplished that, you don't even want to know), the toys scattered haphazardly about the playroom floor in a show of unbridled kid-joy, and the remote for your bedroom tv on the princess chair.  So that's where that's been.

You hear some cabinets in the kitchen and, of course, this is what you find.  Two sisters, hand-in-hand, standing on the kitchen counter.

Just look at that guilty, backwards look by the little one -

(Oh yeah, I'm "celebrating" their independence and the fact that they now have no excuse for not helping me put the dishes up.)


Debbie said...

I love the closeness of your girls. It's just precious to me.

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