"Cheddar Bay Biscuits"

Yeah, that's right.  I used quotes in the title.  To insinuate sarcasm.

Remember the list?  I took some liberties on #69:  Duplicate a restaurant favorite at home using Copykat.com.

You see, since I composed the list in 2009 (dang that seems like a long time ago), copykat.com has undergone some changes.  And then there was the advent of Pinterest, which I confess, I still find overwhelming.  But thanks to everyone else's Pinterest obsession coupled with my apparent Facebook obsession, I have come across some pretty cool ideas when they share their pins on my Facebook News Feed.  (Life wasn't this complicated in 2009.) 

So with everyone else doing the work for me, I don't have to waste spend hours wading through everyone else's ideas on Pinterest.  Sometimes things just fall into my lap. 

Like this little recipe for a knock-off of Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  Ta da!  Blog readers, please meet the recipe I used for #69.

I'm not a real cook as evidenced by the fact that I waited over two years for a recipe that included items I keep in my pantry and that could be baked.  And also by the fact that I use dry measuring cups to measure wet ingredients.  (Oops.)

Tonight, we had these biscuits with our chicken & dumplings.  They might not have been exactly like Cheddar Bay Biscuits, but they were pretty good.  

Clearly someone liked them since one was missing a bite before they made it to the table.

And since I'm running out of time, I'm pregnant and grumpy, by golly, I'm checking this off the list.

#69 - You have been checked!


Debbie said...

OK, just a little freaky. I copy catted a recipe last night and yakked about it, too. How odd is that from two women who rarely yak about cooking?

They look delicious. (Don't say the word list. I didn't finish and am hoping the world doesn't notice until I do.)

I'm curious about the previous post. I admit it. I have a guess, but I'm waiting.

Debbie said...

And is the biter named Sarah, by chance?

Emily said...

so wait, are you saying there's a difference in measuring with "wet" and "dry" measuring cups? :)

I may have just learned something :/

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