Life's in the Little Things

Coherent trains of thought have never been my forte.  (You're probably thinking, "Duh, Jennie.")  Anyway, today's post is short and sweet (neither of which apply to me, ha!). 

I keep having those little moments that make me smile, so I'm sharing a few of them with you. 

 She's covering up with my comforter...which she has threaded between the foot of the bed and the mattress to reach the floor. 

Those are some holes in my most-favorite-ever sheets.  They're so comfy because they're thread-bare. This makes me smile for the same reason as raggedy towels.
 Ben's art project from Sunday School a few weeks ago.  Long story short, I hope people say I am "Awesome" too.

 I heard some serious squeals while the girlies were outside playing.  They got some big air on the teeter-totter.  Got out there just fast enough to snap this shot of Sarah mid-air riding with no hands.  Nice.

 Look at that smile though...

 This outfit was a Sarah original.  Bathing suit cover-up for a shirt in January?  Sure.

 Again with that smile...and the flyaway hair.

Just Abby.  I mean what is she doing?

That's it.  At least eight reasons to smile today.  I promise there were dozens more.  Dare you to find some of your own.


Debbie said...

I can't believe how often you capture shots like that first one. It must have been just an instant. How do you do it?

And that picture in the swing is the first time that I thought Sarah looked like Abby.

She has a Sam smile in it.

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