Just another day in Momadise.

Your eight year old turns his room into a veritable pantheon of projects after Christmas.  And it's occupying his time so well, you can't even bear to tell him to clean it up.

Your two year old repeatedly calls you "Jesuit".  Maybe not exactly, but it sure sounded like it.  All you can think is this a slightly more sophisticated racial slur referring to your excessive frugality.  Even your two year old makes fun of you for being cheap.

You didn't think about the implications of washing a Cinderella princess dress in the regular laundry.  And then, your whole family's wardrobe was glitter-fied.

It's a bit of an understatement to say that your kids are not "morning people".  (Yes, they really are asleep like that on the couch.)

An hour after you put your two year old down for bed, she emerged from her room, footies in disarray with a pronouncement, "I need go potty."  Pretty awesome considering you haven't even touched night-time training.

Your two year old spends the better part of her day in her older sister's closet assembling new outfits.  Her fashion sense is other-worldly.  (Although, her ensembles are still probably better than her mom's full-body-red maternity outfits....even with the socks and sandals on the wrong feet.)

And let's not overlook the "extremely safe" idea the middle child had to sit on the fireplace in a stroller meant for baby dolls. Don't think for a second the two year old didn't try at least twice to push her down during the taking of this snapshot.

When the two year old emerged after breakfast this morning wearing this get-up, your five year old took one look at her, gasped, and said, "Sarah!  You looked wonderful!!!"  I guess this is all the encouragement she needs to change outfits 482 times daily.

You cannot say it enough, but the friendship between your girls has made every frustration of parenting completely worth it.

Once again, you "relish" your two year old's independence when she brings a gallon of milk off the top shelf of the fridge to you in the living room for a refill.

You told your five year old after school that she could either clean her room or take a nap, knowing full well she wouldn't choose the nap.  Five minutes later, you checked on her because you heard some serious snoring from down the hall...  Next time you tell her to clean her room at 4:30pm, you'll consider a different alternative choice.

After 2+ hours of "TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP" on our tile floors, you're absolutely certain the gift of the princess shoe collection was a mistake.

You make garlic toast with your five year old.  You made a deal - she buttered, you sprinkled the garlic powder.  On the last piece, as you waited for her to finish buttering you turned away to do....something.  And when you turned back, she had taken garlic powder-ing into her own hands.  First item on the next shopping list?  Garlic Powder.


Debbie said...

I absolutely love your stories about the girls. It's sweet to me that they're so close. My favorite part of this post was the dress up in big sister's closet. Just Priceless.

I wonder if Abby will be as enthusiastic when she's 15 and little sister invades her closet. I have a gut feeling that she will.

I can't wait to find out whether we have a boy Shep or a girl Shep. Grammie told me that you are planning to keep us in suspense.

That's fun.

Sharon said...

Momadise - could I come visit? I kinda miss those days.

Love the pictures - as always, they are worth way more than a thousand words - more like a million giggles.

Hope you're feeling OK!


Amber - Binkertation said...

What a fun story - you totally have to embraced the craziness that comes with kiddos; I know it won't last forever and I'll miss it when it's gone, that's for sure!! Your girls are truly adorable together :)

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