Slightly more light-hearted: The Mom Things

Because "Mom Things" are more fun than melodrama, current events, and whining...

You celebrate the fact that your toddler is so insistent on helping you to vacuum that she doesn't even care if she's bare-bottomed.  Not exactly sure June Cleaver would approve of this.

You find it especially fitting that while vacuuming bare-bottomed your unpredictable toddler pauses to play a tune on the harmonica.  SO typical.

Thanks to Facebook's "On This Day in 2009/2010" feature, you have enjoyed more than a chuckle or two at the things your funny kids have said and done in years passed.  Among your favorites in recent days - when your three year old took some liberties with the lyrics to Old McDonald - "And on this farm he had a cow - EIEIO - and on this farm he had a horse - EIEIO - and the horse loved the cow!" - and when your six year old scoffed with hilarity at the mention of "Michael Jackson" - "Is that a name or a thing?"

You are elated to enjoy the fruits of a long hard labor - one of which is your soundly sleeping toddler, in her bed, with nary a resistance.  In case you don't recall, there were days this time last year when it would take hours to keep her in her bed, calm, only to finally fall asleep.

On a related note, you tell every new parent you meet, that the best things for your children and your family are rarely the easiest.  If it's easy, you'll likely pay for it some day.

After a long summer of water play in the back yard and a few weeks of no activity back there, you decide to put the pool away and let the grass grow back in that crop-circle-looking area off of your back porch.  Of course, this would the very same day that temperatures plunged into the 60's and your girls decided to don their bathing suits and have a water fight.

In case it's not obvious, the superior weapon did Sarah little good.  Abby kicked her tail with nothing but a cup.

You let your eight year old watch the George W. Bush 9/11 Interview because of his unfailing curiosity about the events that transpired that day.  When it was over, you asked if he had any questions, and he said, "I have a few."  Bracing yourself for some big ones, you wait.  His first question?   "How did they make it look like the president was just floating in a black room in space?"

Guess he wasn't all that traumatized by the footage...but the camera tricks?  Those blew his mind.

Birthday parties are guaranteed to get out of hand at Grammie's house.  Thanks to his Aunt Star this new eight year old had a jug of Hawaiian punch all to himself.

After spotting your toddler with a Dorito in one hand and a chocolate chip cookie in the other, there is simply no denying it...she is your daughter.

While cleaning up her room, your four year old proudly announced, "I'm just going to hide the little stuff behind my door!"  You almost hated to spoil her brilliant idea by telling her that was unacceptable.  She was so proud of her plan.


Angie Peters said...

I LOVE the Facebook status flashbacks too!

Sharon said...

As always, thoroughly enjoyed your Mom Things.

As to the EIEIO - maybe Sarah knows the back story on that horse and cow. Though I think equine/bovine love is illegal in 40 states.

Love those kids - they're keepers!


Christian Woman said...

Love this. I really liked he is being helped to hold on to that Hawaiian Punch jug. :)
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