A Little Purging

Question:  What is all of that?
Answer:  All of the clothes in my closet that I either haven't worn in years, don't fit into, or that I have given up on ever wearing in the next decade.  Another acceptable answer would be "An unconscionable amount of extraneous articles of clothing"

Upon taking this picture there were 74 pieces of clothing including sweaters, blouses, jeans in the single digits, skirts, a suede skirt suit, and a way-too-revealing, never-been-worn maxi dress that looked awesome online but less than awesome on my body.  I added more to it as I delved into my dresser drawers as well.  

Let me tell you, if there is ever a time to purge your wardrobe, the fourteenth week of pregnancy is ideal.  I'm to the point that I need to start making room in my closet for my "totally awesome" and equally "stylish" maternity clothes, and I'm also to the point that if something isn't comfortable to wear, I am totally willing to part with it.  (See above photo of 74+ articles of clothing.)

So instead of lugging these unworn clothes up to the attic, I am donating them.  The best part?  This was on my list.

#45 ~ Fit into or give away all of the clothes in my closet. 

Done.  And couldn't be more relieved.  My muscles and bones might be aching a little bit more from my growing belly, but the rods in my closet just breathed a huge sigh of relief.

#45, you've been checked!

I'm not going to jinx it by saying too much or counting my chickens before they hatch, but I'm optimistic that I will be checking off at least one more list item this weekend.


Denise said...

Way to go Jennie! It always feels so great to rid our lives of all that extra stuff! Don't you just wonder why in the world we keep it in the first place? Love your list updates. (I'm a list person, too).

Just got caught up with several recent posts. As usual, I just love your writing.

I've been trying to stay off this confounded time waster as much as possible. (my lap top, not your blog) but I will keep reading. I promise. :)

Debbie said...

Good job. Unfortunately, I'm probably too good at that myself. I do it every time I lose weight, and then the yo yo goes up and I'm running around like Sarah with a vacuum.

Sharon said...

This is impressive, Jennie. I'm a pack rat, even in my closet - where I seem to have hoarded nearly everything I've worn since high school. Evidently the "throw it out if you haven't worn it in a year" rule doesn't rule in my house...

So, you've inspired (shamed) me into re-thinking my mindset. I really do need to pass on some of my clothing. Unless you think the 90's (and 80's) might come around again. Naw, I didn't think so.

Good for you!

Now to let guilt do its work on me...


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