Filling my cup...

I've said a time or twenty before how my cup runneth over.  I've reminded you, my "readers", that your cups run over as well.  It's all about taking the time to recognize our blessings.

In case it hasn't been obvious (in which case, hooray!), I've been a little out of sorts lately.  Not sure if it's my identity crisis or my wavering sense of purpose fulfillment or if it's the fact that in this season of my life, I've transitioned from an active state of doing to a much more difficult state of just being.

Sometimes, though, that's what we're called to "do" (for lack of a better word).
Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10
I'm a mover and a shaker and an eternal list-maker.  But all that means is that I'm used to being busy.  And sometimes, busy is the last thing we need.  Sometimes if we don't realize this on our own, God will find a way to make us stop.  To force us to be still.  And even more simply - force us to just be.

I'm in a Season of Being.

I'm thankful for the opportunity.  If nothing else, it's a clear contrast to the lifestyle I'd grown accustomed to, and a distinct chance for me to round out my "life resume", if you will.

While my cup ran over back in the other times, my cup still runs over today.  And I've thought about the different ways my cup gets filled.  After a particularly great day, I tend to stand in the shower and think at least once, "My cup is full right now." (Unrelated note:  in case anyone is wondering, I just broke the Guinness World Record for the number of times the word "cup" was used in a single paragraph.)

Turns out, it doesn't take much -

It can be a couple of hours one Friday night free from the responsibilities of child-rearing thanks to a husband who came home from work and took the three kids and split so I could spend time with my lady friends, whether I've known them forever or just met them, laughing over commonalities, great food, and yearbook pictures.  Because, man, we all look better now than we did then.  Even if some of us (cough, cough - me) have gained a couple of pounds over the years. 

It's the sight of a older, unfamiliar child befriending my Sarah on the playground, whether she needs help or not, just because they have that sweet helpful spirit.

It's a husband who hears my demands for random pregnancy cravings like cracker candy and salmon croquettes and finds his way into the kitchen to make them for me.

It's walking into church and seeing smiling, familiar faces that genuinely care about me and my family.  Spending every Sunday and Wednesday and days in between with people who truly commit their lives to being more like Jesus.  And knowing that my children would rather be in their company and at church than anywhere else.

It can be the simple victory of not bowing to the fatigue of pregnancy, and instead being productive around the house or taking a walk or even just reading a book.  

It's knowing that the reason that Ben has such a hard time getting up in the mornings is because he cannot put his book down in the bed at night.

It's having Thursday morning Bible study to look forward to every week, knowing that I have the unconditional support of friends I may have just met, but won't likely soon forget.

It's things like seeing the unrestrained joy on Abby's face when you tell her that this is the last time she will ever be four years old on a Monday again.

It can be a glimpse of my three children sitting quietly, side-by-side, enjoying a movie we recorded on a free movie weekend, wrapped up in the new comforter on my bed.

And just like that - my cup is filled.
And running over.
How was your cup filled today? 


Melissa said...

Today it was the Route 44 Cherry Lime-aide my man brought to me after working all day, driving kids around, cooking dinner, etc.

I said once and I'll say it again...my plate is full, but my cup runneth over. ;)

Debbie said...

Well, it's early yet. I will be trying to catch it all filled today.

I enjoyed reading yours. You remind me so much of myself when I was in your season.

Sharon said...

Jennie - This was lovely. I recently wrote a blog post called "Sidetracked." I talked a bit about what you're saying here. That sometimes God just stops us and takes us in a new direction. And, even if that direction feels like we're coming to a standstill - it's HIS way of having us STAND STILL.

My cup ran over this morning as I attended Bible Study, and learned how the apostle John first followed Jesus. I once again got a sense of how very, very special Jesus was - so something "other" that people were compelled to follow Him.

Me, too. You, too.

In HIM, my cup overflows - with blessings in my family, my home, and of course, my faith.


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