What kind of things? Mom Things.

You realize that laughing might have been the inappropriate reaction when your son (in complete monotone) tells you "Sarah just broke a toy with her bare hands."

You turn the corner of the hallway to find a trail of toys from one end to the other.  Your oldest son inventor informs you it's all part of his plan to lure Abby into a "booby trap" in his room created especially for her.  Later, he thought better of letting her fall victim to it because "it was way too painful for her".  Geez.  (Good thing she had no idea what all of those toys were about after all.)

Your husband took each of the oldest kids out for an individual date night on Saturday only to find out that your four year old is scared of Smurfs (her quote when the movie started "This was a bad idea.") and that going to an all-you-can-eat buffet before a playground results in a short stay...because nature calls.

The first time your daughter got in trouble at Pre-K was (in her words) because the kid next to her wouldn't be quiet.  Apparently he was making weird noises just to bother her.  (With an older brother you'd think she'd be used to that by now.)

On Saturday mornings, everyone in your family tries to pile into your queen-sized bed to watch cartoons.  If only you'd known that throwing a couple of pillows on the floor in the shape of a "bed" could be so much fun, you could have been catching a few extra's zzzz's all these years.

When your toddler emerges from her big sister's room wearing a different colored sock on each foot and on each hand, you hesitate to see what's become of the sock drawer.

As much as you love routine, your toddler waking you up every morning by jumping on you, shouting "[Little] Ensteins!" in your ear, and subsequently demanding, "Milk!" is not your ideal start to the day.

Now that the older brother and sister are back in school, you and little miss have been known to occasionally frequently regularly have chips and string cheese for lunch.  That's half-healthy, right?

After teasing with your daughter that they weren't going to let her in school because she was dragging one morning, she asked what would happen then.  You told her she'd just stay home with you, to which she replied, "Well that would be bad."  She's quite the little encourager.  Good thing you are mostly secure in your mom-abilities.

After having two kids who get embarrassed when you catch them playing pretend, you finally got one who is not ashamed to be "caught" playing with her toys.  Her favorite exchanges between the toys (typically Barbies) - "What you doing here?"  "My turn next!"  "We're flying, flying, flying!"


Debbie said...

I'm chuckling at the thought of Ben lining up all those toys. He just strikes me as the kind of kid who is ALWAYS crafting something in that head of his.

I know you'll enjoy this time with Sarah the Menace as you wait for the new Shep. You made me think of my years with Laura at home. Now, I'm kind of weepy.

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