Sunday Fundries

Sometimes after church, we race the thousands of other church-goers in Warner Robins to a restaurant for Sunday lunch.  Mostly we frequent the type of restaurant that provides crayons and coloring pages for the kids, because, hello, we have three of them. 

A free salad bar for children two and under helps too.

And unlimited wipes available at the table are an additional bonus.

Sarah occupies herself by using her sophisticated sampling stick (sometimes known as a french fry) on each of the variety of barbeque sauces.

While we pull out every trick in the book for keeping a tired, cranky Sarah from climbing out of her high chair and taking laps around the restaurant, our older two kids contentedly entertain themselves with the aforementioned coloring pages.

Sometimes, these are real gems.

Apparently, Abby's favorite thing about a baseball game is when it gets rained out.

And she doesn't have to go.

And that, ladies and gents, was a short-but-sweet smile o' the day.


Sharon said...

I am smiling :)

I can remember going to Sizzler Restaurant with the boys. I remember how it was a sprint to finish our food quickly - because if we didn't, my youngest would go back to the salad bar to get more *material* to sculpt with...

Good times...


Sarah said...

LOL, that is an awesome picture.

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