Mom Things: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

If there's one thing you've forgotten about potty training since your last experience it's that among the accidents and other unpleasantries there is one happy, naked, chocolate-covered little girl.

You remember one time, twenty minutes ago, when you had a clean floor.  You know, right after you mopped.  And the kids were asleep for the next twenty minutes.

You look forward to every afternoon pickup with your school kids because you get to dive into their agenda to see how they behaved for that day.  Upon first glance, you open your pre-k child's agenda to find a lengthy note home.  For a split second you dread what her offense was, until you read it:  Another student spit out a Cheerio at snack time and your daughter picked it up and ate it.  You know what?  If that's the worst to happen, you chalk that day up in the "Win" column.

Your 2nd grader found a Make-Your-Own Word Search online thanks to his spelling homework.  Needless to say, you received a book of customized word searches for your birthday.  Your favorite was the "List of Things Mommy Likes" one. 

There's this thing about reading - big bro might be "too cool" to be read to but he's not too cool to read to his little sisters.

You think it's sweet that your 2nd grader would rather be in the gardening club than the running club- his rationale being because he can "just run with you" anytime.  (Guess you better dust off the old running shoes.)

The day you realize your toddler can reach light switches is the day your electric bill goes up significantly.  You never know when fans and lights in random rooms are going to go on and be left on indefinitely.

There's nothing your third child can't do naked - complete puzzles, eat lunch, yell into the fan, scale pantry shelves.  The sky is the limit.  Literally.

Your toddler has taken crib-hoarding to a new level.  Instead of sleeping with books, she's resorted to sleeping on books.

While the older kids are off filling their minds with knowledge you put your toddler to work doing hard physical labor.  First job - mow the back yard.  You didn't start early enough with the other kids doing chores - here's your chance at redemption. 

Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone!
Thanks again for reading!!!


Carol said...

Love the descriptions of what your kids are doing! Takes me back!

Debbie said...

I love Ben's birthday gift idea for you! Based on what he picked, he knows his mommy well.

Life is never dull with Lady Godiva around is it? I have a vision of her sitting in Sunday school... The teacher asks for their favorite verses. Amid all the John 3:16s and Jesus weeping, Sarah will pop out with, "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD giveth, and the LORD taketh away; blessed be the name of the LORD."

(Note that I included the "eths" because she's Baptist.)

Great list. I love Mom Things Wednesdays

Sharon said...


Love that Ben - he's such a studious and serious young man - and such a delight.

I'm sorta laughing at the fact that a shared Cheerio warranted a note home. Were they afraid of a lawsuit or something?

And Sarah - here's something funny. My youngest son was a nudist, too. And then, when he grew up some, he turned into the most private, shy guy you'll ever meet. Somehow, I just don't see that with Sarah, though!

How are you feeling, MOM???

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