It's always sunny in San Diego.

When I take a break from blogging, it's generally safe to assume I'm out of town.

This time is no exception. 

Sam and I have been busy tourists for the past 5 days here in sunny San Diego.  Every time I call home I am greeted with haggard, out-of-breath, exhausted "hellos" from my parents who were so kind as to keep our precious, but not-always-easy kids for a week for us so we could go on this adventure.

So there you have it. 

Sun.  San Diego.  No kids.  And the absence of humidity, which allows my sweat function to actually cool my body off in 80+ degree temperatures.

Yeah, I'm not taking a break from all of that to blog.  (I'm sure you understand.) 

P.S. - Don't be jealous of my hair.  I know it looks amazing.


Debbie said...

Really? I'm trying not to envy, but this one is pretty hard. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Sharon said...

No fair! No fair!

You've only been an hour away from where I live!! I thought it was sunnier here the last few days! :)

Yeah, your hair - what can I say??

And I'm sure you had sweaty armpits, too. Gosh, how did Sam keep his hands off of you??


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